Howdy there, Scream Freaks! We’re still on a comic kick after all the fun we had on Free Comic Book Day, so we thought we’d turn our attention to producing an all new Tribute video to spotlight one of our more favorite comic book heroes, Swamp Thing! Before I was formally introduced to the classic line-up of Universal monsters that were the staples of most horror fans’ childhoods, I was exposed to the exciting world of monsters through DC Comics’ Swamp Thing. He seemed to be everywhere when I was knee high to a grasshopper. He had 2 monster bashing movies, thought provoking comics for a more mature audience, a gimmicky toyline, a cartoon full of colorful characters, and a live action TV series which is the focus of our Tribute.

Only one man has dared to wear a thick rubber suit in sweltering Florida heat for hours at a time, and his name is Dick Durock. He was there with Wes Craven in the beginning, the charmingly campy sequel, and the 72 episode long series on the USA Network from 1990-93. While heavily dubbed and hidden behind the image of other actors playing Swamp Thing in his human form, Dick luckily got to shine in the TV series as a leading man and costume stuntman. Despite the series’ rocky start with it being more reminiscent of the Twilight Zone with Swamp Thing acting as host in the peripherals of stories, the series finally figured things out by season 2 and threw Swamp Thing more in the spotlight. Of course a hero is only as good as his arch nemesis and Swamp Thing’s is the mad genius, Anton Arcane. Stiffly portrayed by Louis Jourdan in the movies, Arcane was now a much livelier and thrilling character played by Mark Lindsay Chapman whose performance is unparalleled! We’re normally against seeing the good guy fight the same bad guy again and again, but we can’t get enough of Dick and Mark battling it out every episode. While Dick was in the previous movies, it was his chemistry with Mark in the series that inspired this Tribute video we’re proud to present now. Hope you enjoy!

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That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see ya’ later Scream Freaks!

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