Watch the internet’s #1 animated horror host vids that started it all! Deadwest gives his two cents and tells it to you straight every review as he scrutinizes, bastardizes, and idolizes cheap horror/sci-fi flicks. Find out if a film is worth adding to your movie collection or just needs to be tossed on the bonfire while we throw back some drinks with howling company.


Season 1:

Ep 1. Deadwest Screams at Deadgirl!
Ep 2. Deadwest Screams at The Asphyx!
Ep 3. Deadwest Screams at The Green Slime!
Ep 4. Deadwest Screams at Hellbound!
Ep 5. Deadwest Screams at Evil Toons!
Ep 6. Deadwest Screams at Highway to Hell!
Ep 7. Deadwest Screams at Freaked!
Ep 8. Deadwest Screams at Head of the Family!
Ep 9. Deadwest Screams at Return to Horror High!
Ep 10. Deadwest Screams at Maniac Cop 1-3!

Season 2:

Ep 11. Deadwest Screams at Monster High!
Ep 12. Deadwest Screams at Scarecrows!
Ep 13. Deadwest Screams at Satan’s Little Helper!
Ep 14. Deadwest Screams at Monster Dog!
Ep 15. Deadwest Screams at Cellar Dweller!
Ep 16. Deadwest Screams at The Thing With Two Heads!
Ep 17. Deadwest Screams at Slime City 1-2!
Ep 18. Deadwest Screams at The Incredible Melting Man!
Ep 19. Deadwest Screams at Meet the Feebles!
Ep 20. Deadwest Screams at Slumber Party Massacre 1-3 & Cheerleader Massacre 1-2!

Season 3:

Ep 21. Deadwest Screams at Oversexed Rugsuckers From Mars!
Ep 22. Deadwest Screams at Blood Freak!
Ep 23. Deadwest Screams at Rabid Grannies!
Ep 24. Deadwest Screams at Frogs & Squirm!
Ep 25. Deadwest Screams at Monster Man!
Ep 26. Deadwest Screams at Frankenhooker!
Ep 27. Deadwest Screams at Ticks!
Ep 28. Deadwest Screams at Jesse James Meets Frankenstein’s Daughter!
Ep 29. Deadwest Screams at Pinata Survival Island!
Ep 30. Deadwest Screams at Basket Case 1-3!

Season 4:

Ep 31. Deadwest Screams at Attack of the Tromaggot & Shrunken Heads!
Ep 32. Deadwest Screams at Teenage Cat Girls in Heat & Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama!
Ep 33. Deadwest Screams at Monster in the Closet & Blood Dolls!
Ep 34. Deadwest Screams at Nightbeast & Castle Freak!
Ep 35. Deadwest Screams at Poultrygeist & Doctor Mordrid!
Ep 36. Deadwest Screams at Killjoy 1-5!
Ep 37. Deadwest Screams at Class of Nuke ‘Em High 1-4!
Ep 38. Deadwest Screams at Puppet Master 1-6!
Ep 39. Deadwest Screams at Puppet Master 7-11 & Puppet Master vs Demonic Toys!
Ep 40. Deadwest Screams at Toxic Avenger 1-4!
Bonus Episode 1: Deadwest Screams at Killer Condom!

Season 5:

Ep 41. Deadwest Screams at Hell Comes to Frogtown!
Ep 42. Deadwest Screams at Tusk!
Ep 43. Deadwest Screams at Blood Diner!
Ep 44. Deadwest Screams at Hardware & Death Machine!
Ep 45. Deadwest Screams at Prophecy!
Ep 46. Deadwest Screams at In the Mouth of Madness!
Ep 47. Deadwest Screams at Creatures From the Abyss!
Ep 48. Deadwest Screams at Neon Maniacs!
Ep 49. Deadwest Screams at This Is The End!
Ep 50. Deadwest Screams at Xenophobia, Violence Voyager, and Slaughterhouse Slumber Party!

Season 6:

Ep 51. Deadwest Screams at I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle!
Ep 52. Deadwest Screams at Robo Vampire!

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