Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Halloween is upon us, and our biggest season yet is comin’ close to an epic end! Apologies for not releasin’ it at the usual time you’ve grown accustomed to, but this episode is pretty damn important, and we wanna make sure it gets done right! Multiple fights, lots of wrap-ups, teases at what next season brings, and four new reviews of Troma’s Toxic Avenger series! You can’t wait, and neither can we which is why we’re workin’ ’round the clock to get this up on Halloween or the day before.

While burnin’ the midnight oils, we did manage to see the new Leatherface flick, and tarnations what a stinker! That is, it’s an alright movie that’s well shot and acted, but it just didn’t need to be a sequel/prequel/remake/reboot/whatever to the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series. Here’s what we had to say in our weekly R-Rated Review Blog here at the site:


After bein’ taken away from his po’ hog raisin’ family for 10 years, a teenage Sawyer escapes the loony bin with a pack of crazies and makes his way back home on a killin’ spree while draggin’ along an attractive nurse as a hostage. As a stand alone movie, this ain’t a bad flick to check out with crisp cinematography, strong actin’, and more than one creepy moment. But as the newest entry in the Texas Chainsaw Massacre series, this was worse than The Next Generation. The biggest problem bein’ this red herrin’ bullshit the filmmakers pull most the movie, makin’ us guess which escaped loon is even Leatherface, because the state pointlessly changed his name after he was committed. This is really distractin’ and completely robs me of the sick joy watchin’ a Chainsaw prequel/reboot/remake or whatever the hell this is in the series’ turbulent continuity. And when the real Leatherface does finally stand up at the very end, it’s such an ridiculous slap to the face that I’m left wishin’ for more Michael Bay chainsaw flicks! I’d recommend this to the casual movie goer and super die-hard Chainsaw fans, but it’s just gonna piss off a lot of us regular slasher fans lookin’ for a reunion with the Sawyer family. Rubber room riots, squished girls, roadkill disguises, gunshots to the face, head bashin’, mice stuffed in women’s mouths, boonie executions, evidence eatin’ hogs, pack of killer hogs, throat slittin’, decapitations, chainsaw chases, one human face mask, severed hands, cannibal meal preppin’, knives through necks, diner chaos, folks carved like turkeys, crazies hidin’ in dead cattle, and a burned-up woman havin’ a threesome with a corpse! 3/5!

So, now you have 3-4 Chainsaw timelines dependin’ on how lenient you wanna be with the details. Timeline one is TCM, TCM2, Leatherface: TCM3, and TCM: The Next Generation. Timeline two is Michael Bay’s TCM 1-2. Timeline three is TCM: Leatherface, TCM,  and Texas Chainsaw 3D. Or you could even accept a fourth timeline that’s TCM: Leatherface, TCM, TCM2, Leatherface: TCM3, and TCM: The Next Generation. A lot of you may not wanna include TCM: The Next Generation because of how awkward it fits into the timeline with Leatherface’s family and everythin’, but I like to think some powerful corporate nutjobs are conductin’ some wacko experiment with fear and somehow captured Leatherface to be one of the killers in the experiment.

We know a lot of y’all are gonna be partyin’ it up this weekend, so we raise our glasses to the spirit of Halloween and wish ya a memorable one! Don’t forget the night can promise as many tricks as treats, never tug on a ghost’s sheet, and keep those jack-o-lanterns burnin’. In case any of you are the head honchos throwin’ the party, feel free to use our Halloween Party Playlist over 250 songs (includin’ the Screaming Soup! Anthem) sure to give your hootenanny some giddy-up! Listen to it HERE and monster mash away!

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Howdy there, Scream Freaks! It ain’t even Halloween yet, and we already have a treat for you wicked folks out there. Looking at the calendar, its due time for us to review more horror comics in another insightful Graphic Violence video, and this time we set our sights on the one and only Saw comic published by IDW in 2005. Given the success of this franchise that ruled Halloween for most of the 2000’s, I’m surprised this didn’t have more of a splash in the comic world with one shots or spin-off mini-series. Hell, Leprechaun got several issues during its brief stint into comics and which is more deserving of the two? So, if you’re a fan of the Saw movies as well as a collector of all things Jigsaw, give the review below a look and see if this is something you just gotta have!

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That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see ya’ later Scream Freaks!


Howdy there, Scream Freaks! It’s Friday and some new summer movies have just been released to our displeasure in the theaters! One of which is the new Fantastic Four reboot, which has been taking a real beating from the reviews we’ve read from comic fans. The one consistent argument seems to be how the filmmakers missed the mark with what fans expected from these flagship Marvel characters, making them yearn for the 2000’s version that deserved more appreciation. Instead, Hollywood has dished out a hollow superhero story spackled with CGI shit to cover up its shortcomings. This super misfire got us thinking about how pissed we actually are at movies that get constantly rebooted, telling us the same stories over and over again, when we honestly think it would benefit everyone to just keep moving forward with new characters and adventures each cinematic reincarnation.

For instance, we just heard rumors there will be a reboot of the Nightmare on Elm St. series . . . Again! What the fuck? We just had a reboot not that long ago, and sure, maybe not everyone liked it, but it was decent in our opinion. Horror fans don’t want to see the same damn origin tale rehashed like with the Spider-Man movies. How many times can we pay to see the same story? Just move forward and tell a new nightmare with Freddy! He’s immortal after all, and Springwood isn’t stuck in any particular time period for him to terrorize, so simply tell a modern story with our favorite boogey man! That’s what they kind of did when they rebooted Friday the 13th which was a mixed failure. I thought we were finally going to see the story between Jason’s drowning and his resurrection as a full grown mongoloid, but no! We just get a plot that was really a sad sequel minus Jason rediscovering the hockey mask. That whole missing part of his origin could have been the hallmark of the movie, but instead we have a forgettable plot that leaves this movie blending in to the other more memorable sequels. And yes, despite arguments every Friday movie is the same, each did have that one memorable moment/situation unlike the reboot:

Friday The 13th: Jason’s mother seeks revenge.

Friday the 13th Part 2: Jason avenges his mother’s death.

Friday the 13th Part 3: Jason finds the hockey mask.

Friday the 13th Part 4: Jason’s death.

Friday the 13th Part 5: Tommy’s epilogue.

Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason returns as the living dead.

Friday the 13th Part 7: Jason fights a telekinetic.

Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason stalks the streets of Manhattan.

Friday the 13th Part 9: Jason is killed and shown he can jump bodies.

Jason X: Jason kills in space.

Freddy VS Jason: Two of horror’s favorite icons go head to head in combat.

Friday the 13th (reboot): He . . . uh . . . protects his dope?

We honestly think a couple of reboots that got it right were the Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween. Before you get too up in arms, these films were guilty of some poor decisions that left us scratching our heads (Like the first TCM reboot having no cannibalism and R. Lee Ermey stealing the show with his performance), but they gave fans new material with insight into these super villains of horror. While some thought it was too much backstory, we actually liked the first half of the new Halloween with the exploration into Myer’s time in the mental hospital which is the kind of thing we thought they were going to do with the Friday reboot.

And how the hell could New Line miss such a golden opportunity to release a 13th Friday the 13th movie on Friday the 13th in 2013?! That was like the stars aligning for some epic prophecy, but they completely dropped the ball. Just like they did with failing to celebrate Freddy’s 30th anniversary in 2014. We didn’t see anyone doing any special for that!

Anyway, we’re starting to ramble. Bottom line, STOP forcing the same shit on fans over and over again and give us something new and different with our favorite characters while staying familiar and fun.

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That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see ya’ later Scream Freaks!



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