Howdy there, Scream Freaks! If any of y’all were ’round to experience the ’90s, one of the biggest letdowns that decade was America’s blockbuster spin on one of Japan’s biggest properties, Godzilla. We here at Screaming Soup! always thought it was a fine movie overall, but we’re far from G-Man fanatics and credit that film’s rockin’ soundtrack for the majority of our fandom it earned. The die hard Godzilla fans, however, simply disliked the drastic change in the big guy’s design, felt he was stripped of all his kingly mannerisms includin’ his signature nuke breath, and hated how he died like a bitch from common army artillery.

It wasn’t ’til 2014 America got ‘nother swing at bringin’ the atomic lizard to the big screen and hit a lot closer to home. This time, the titular behemoth looked like Godzilla, stomped like Godzilla, and even fought other monsters of city crushin’ girth like Godzilla. The only sour for me was how much time was spent with the piss ants runnin’ ’round beneath him. We’re all for some human sideline stories for a sense of perspective, mind ya, but everytime a monster fight broke out, the filmmakers kept cuttin’ to folks tryin’ to survive the collateral damage. Let’s not kid ourselves here. We don’t buy tickets for an IMAX 3D experience watchin’ dirty face actors emote. We buy ’em to see larger than life CGI pixels beat the ever livin’ tar out of each other!

That said, we hurried to the theater earlier (minus Mandy, ’cause she didn’t wanna feel bad seein’ made-up animals whoop up on each other like it’s cock fightin’) and grabbed ourselves a front row seat to see just how much America improved on their last ’bout with Godzilla, and we were not disappointed to say the least! Here’s what we had to say in our R-Rated Review Blog:


When a scientist builds a fancy bird caller to yap it up with the world’s biggest critters, she manipulates them to wreck the planet in the name of cosmic balance. Things get out of hand, however, ’cause the three-headed dragon Ghidorah’s starts callin’ the shots, and it’s up to Godzilla and a monster stalkin’ organization to restore the natural order. Arguably the best Godzilla flick yet, it definitely blows the other two American attempts at capturin’ Japan’s biggest mon-star outta the water. Lotta kaiju brawlin’, epic globe trottin’, and a cast of root-worthy humans perfectly co-existin’ with impressive special effects exhibitin’ genuine girth. Godzilla vs Ghidorah vs Rodan vs Mothra, volcanic entrances, maybe the lost city of Atlantis, gift wrapped nukes, atomic booms, plane crashes, in-flight ejection meals, two miles worth of dead fish, stormy body odor, nuke beams, three-way dragon’s breath, regeneratin’ appendages, Fenway Park chaos, metamorphosis, wolves devourin’ a dead buck, King Kong references galore, history lesson wall art galore, submarine rescue missions, 3-4 background beasts of city stompin’ size, and Blue Oyster Cult’s tune is finally used in a Godzilla flick! 5/5! 

We strongly recommend ya to see this on the biggest screen with the meanest surround sound you can find, Scream Freaks!

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Howdy there, Scream Freaks! So, I think there’s 2 kinds of horror fans in this world. Those who are fans of Godzilla and those who are die-hard fanatics of Godzilla. For instance, if you were the average horror lover who went to see America’s take on the G-man in 1998, you probably walked out of the theater thinking you got your buck’s worth of man vs monster runamuck entertainment. If you were a super fan of Godzilla, you probably tore the theater apart before running out and warning people away from a false god’s promises.

I personally like the ’98 movie, but guess what . . . I like killer tomato movies, so you know you have to take what I say with a spoonful of ketchup! Was it the greatest movie ever? Could my judgment be clouded by fond memories I have of other things happening at about that time? Am I even talking about the right film? No, sure, and most definitely. I like Godzilla, but I couldn’t name every movie or villain blindfolded, meaning I’m not one of the diehards. But as a stand alone film without comparing it to its lineage, I thought the US version was a solid 3/5 for sure.

It had a mega monster clawing through the Big Apple, a killer soundtrack I rank in my top 5, and spun a pretty cool cartoon series that is sure to impress even the harshest Godzilla critics. That’s right, this box-office bomb managed to spawn an animated series before its demise at the hands of the fans and critics, and picks the story right up with Matthew Broderick’s character discovering one surviving baby of Zilla’s, who he takes under his wing to battle every critter the size of a building. Great art, strong characters, and plenty of monster bashing, watch our newest entry in our Re-Animated Review series below, and give the show a chance.

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I’ll see ya later, Scream Freaks!

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