Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Christmas is still a little ways off, but we want to give you fans an early gift this holiday season. We previously mentioned we were working on a very special artist spotlight for the Graphic Headstone blog, and that interview is now complete and approved by the artist himself for public consumption. For our final Graphic Headstone entry for 2015, we proudly present the original artist of the Evil Dead series since ground zero, Tom Sullivan!

For those who don’t know, Tom was the creative whirlwind behind the art, special effects, and stop-motion animation of the original Evil Dead film, and its short film predecessor, Within the Woods. He continued working on effects in Evil Dead 2 and Army of Darkness, and has had varying levels of involvement with later incarnations of the Evil Dead series.

We first met Tom years ago when he caught us selling self-made copies of his Necronomicon book from Evil Dead 2 online. Amazed one of Evil Dead’s most legendary names was contacting us directly, we of course complied with his demands to cease and desist further infringement on his copyrighted work immediately. Flattered by our respect for his wishes and impeccable duplication of his book, Tom asked to do a trade. For a copy of our Necronomicon knock-off, he mailed us a packet slammed with art prints and copies of his short lived comic, Tom Sullivan’s Books of the Dead: Devilhead, and even invited us to meet him at an upcoming horror convention. Without hesitation, we drove like crazed fan boys and met this living legend in person. Tom is a very nice and easy guy to speak with. He showed us his collection of fan-made Necronomicons he showcases at conventions (ours included), let us hold and look through the ORIGINAL Necronomicon from the first film, and introduced us to all the filmmakers at the convention including Roy Frumkes who gave us a free signed DVD of Street Trash. It was a very memorable experience and is what helped jumpstart our career paths in horror entertainment.

So, whether you’re an Evil Dead fan or just a lover of horror and art, click HERE and read our interview with one of horror’s most memorable artists. You’ll read some Evil dead stories, what Tom’s been doing since Evil Dead, see a lot of really cool Cthulhu art, and learn about a recent documentary that was released about Tom which you can watch the trailer for below.

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Howdy there, Scream Freaks! It’s finally happening! Bruce Campbell returns to the role that made him the king of B 10/31/15 in “Ash vs Evil Dead” on the Starz network! For years, I’ve been ridiculed that this would never happen, but now those neh-sayers can suck a fat one. We’ve had Evil Dead aka Army of Darkness comics, musicals, and a re-make to help pass the time these last 20+ years with, but now we get the legit continuance of Ash’s journey that made him arguably the greatest horror movie hero of all time.

What’s even better is the involvement of Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi who’ll be directing the first episode of what looks to be a kick-ass series full of epic fights and storyline. This definitely makes up for all those times Sam Raimi pissed me off over the years when I’d watch movies of his post “Army of Darkness” like “Drag Me to Hell” that could have easily been made into an “Evil Dead” sequel. Not to mention all those times he’d tease/acknowledge horror fans with his Evil Dead antics briefly popping up in other movies he’d directed,  like that scene in “Spider-Man 2” when Doc Ock’s tentacles are killing everyone in the operation room. That scene had me wishing they had cast Bruce Campbell as the surgeon fighting his tentacles with the chainsaw instead of the doorman who keeps Spider-Man from a date.

Now, there are some who are probably disappointed that they’re producing a TV series as opposed to a full fledge/high budget movie, but I think this is better. We’ve been waiting decades for more adventures with Ash, and this allows us to really be involved with the character and take our time with him instead of a wham bam thank you ma’m hour and a half on a movie screen until who knows when! We’ve been really pumped about this, and our heads are about to explode after seeing the trailer they released which can be seen below.

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That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see ya’ later Scream Freaks!

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