Howdy there, Scream Freaks! We see that silly rigor mortis grin spreading across your face and bet that’s because we got an all NEW Screaming Soup! episode for you today! Yessir, today we’re reviewing a horror film we only fell asleep 3 times during . . . Pinata Survival Island. Boozin’ college students, demonic piñatas, and the most lackluster romance to save the day!

In this review, we’re once again visited by the Grim Reaper from Your Final Answer (that guy’s really been hangin’ around) and have a very special cameo by Tiki Z from the indy published Tiki Zombie comics created by Michael Gordon. We’re incredibly grateful for Michael allowing us to animate Tiki Z who we became instant fans of after finding his comics at our local comic shop and insist you Scream Freaks hit him up for copies of his comics and Tiki Zombie soundtrack at You won’t regret it!

And real quick to follow up last week’s blog, Blair Witch sucked. It was well made, shot, and acted, but the story sucked because it’s more or less the first movie all over again just with more people, cameras, and effects. So, if you haven’t dropped any deniro for that walletbuster yet, DON’T! Still see it sometime, but wait for Netflix or Redbox. To see what else we thought about it, check out our review on the R-Rated Reviews page.

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We’ll see ya later, Scream Freaks!

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