Howdy there, Scream Freaks! In case you didn’t know, the ’80s was a major turning point for youngn’s entertainment. Not only was the toy market being driven by popular cartoons many criticized for being half hour commercials, but the wholesome family image began to slip, giving way to more gruesome forms of fun. There were crazy looking products of bizarre nature like Madballs, Real Ghostbusters, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and most importantly . . . the Garbage Pail Kids!

In response to the Cabbage Patch Kids craze, Topps spoofed the cabbage cult with trading cards that mirrored the creepy dolls in horrifically twisted parodies and became a runaway success with the kiddies. Topps experienced popular responses to macabre cards before with their previous Mars Attacks! and Civil War News card sets back in the day, so they were more than familiar with what kind of dark images youngn’s wanted to see, and pumped out an ass load of them before petering out in the late ’80s.

Decades later, and we’re still enjoying these sick cards! The detailed art, the dark humor, the roster of unforgettable characters, and we still have lightning bolts of joy shoot through us every time we see new merchandise hit the shelves that’s 30 years overdue. And speaking of overdue, nothing was more so than the canceled Garbage Pail Kids cartoon series!

You read right. The same year the less than favorable GPK movie was released, CBS produced a Garbage Pail Kids cartoon series. Before the show could air on its first TV, however, the angry parents of yesteryear believed it would be every bit as despicable as the cards and convinced the CBS execs to give it the axe. Since then, it’s been locked away until receiving a second chance on DVD in the mid-2000s. Like a secret blast from the past, this shamed series is now up for grabs for all GPK fans such as ourselves, and we give it a look in the vid below to see just what all the fuss was about back then. Hope you enjoy it!

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