First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at the Basket Case Trilogy

Drink of choice: None

Favorite treat: None

When Doc Rex needs to relax, he spends his down time tinkering with leftover scrap from past experiments, doodling together new and different ideas. One particular creation that came from this pastime is Emotibot, a robotic assistant that’s all thumbs –er, chainsaws! Nearly complete, Rex has plans for replacing Emotibot’s lethal mitts with more helpful limbs, but can never find the time due to his hectic schedule. In the meantime, Emotibot’s shortcomings come in handy as he’s repeatedly protecting Doc Rex from some of his more epically failed experiments. Whether it’s an ion generator that needs moving or a rabid clone that needs putting down, Emotibot’s quick to rush in and fulfill his programming as Doc Rex’s loyal droid.

Emotibot especially came in handy preventing the apocalypse from happening when the Iron Horsemen of Doom kidnapped Billy for their end of days ritual to release their evil masters, the old ones. Exploiting a recently scraped Heck Machine‘s D-Fi connection to hell, Doc Rex wired the devil bull’s head to Emotibot to provide Billy’s rescue team access to underworld maps for finding him. Accessing Heck Machine’s mainframe proved dangerous, however, as aggressive viruses attacked Emotibot’s own programing and slowly transformed him into a new embodiment of Heck Machine with all his original prime directives as a knight of hell fully engaged. A friend turned underworld jailer, it took the blow of a bullet train from hell to dismantle the resurrected foe, allowing Rex the chance to recover Emotibot’s head for rebuilding his old companion.


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