First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Deadgirl

Drink of choice: Coffee

Favorite treat: Cupcakes

An indestructible beast of the apocalypse, Billy was bred to be the underworld’s unholy sacrifice for unleashing the old ones,  a group of evil deities prophesized to usher in a new age of darkness across the Crosslands. Overwhelmed by his pivotal role in doomsday and wanting to experience all the pleasures the nether life has to offer, Billy ran away to hide in the Crosslands where he met Deadwest. Billy saw how exciting Deadwest’s wild weird west adventures were and decided to tag along and help the skeleton cowboy achieve his goal of becoming a world famous monster icon through horror hosting.

Billy is often perceived as a meek creature like an innocent child exploring the world for the first time, but can display some mean streaks of violence from time to time. He’s often seen using a baseball bat with nails or a customized chainsaw during such moments. He has a ferociously bottomless appetite, loves toys and comic books, and whips out portable video games whenever he’s bored.

When a nuclear explosion near the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits gets the attention of the old ones’ heralds, the  Iron Horsemen of Doom, Billy is found on the outskirts of the chaos and pursued until he’s captured and taken back to the underworld. Prepared for sacrifice and breaths away from finally being killed with a specially prepared dagger that’s the only thing that can hurt him, Billy was rescued by Deadwest and friends at the last possible second and rushed topside to safety in the Crosslands.

An irreplaceable part of the apocalypse, Billy is still being hunted by Death, the one herald who wasn’t completely vanquished, so the old ones’ plans for Armageddon can get back on schedule.




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