First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Monster Man

First Official Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at the Toxic Avenger Series

A member of the Iron Horsemen of Doom, Death is the herald to Oblethe, a centuries old deity of eternal limbo who was imprisoned with his brothers (Acrimation, Slimdearth, and Mephitis) in the ass end of the Crossland’s underworld by their children of darkness. Locked away but not forgotten, there still exists factions of demonic followers who worship the fallen titans and commit their afterlives to aiding their return to absolute dominance over the Crosslands. With limited influence outside his confinement, Oblethe sought out the blackest soul in hell and bestowed him a fraction of his power to serve him in the underworld and beyond.

After countless lifetimes of prepping and planning, the old ones are closer to escaping than ever before. Their followers have finally found an unholy ritual powerful enough to break their shackles, and it culminates with the sacrifice of a specially prepared animal of damnation. The burden of throwing the Crosslands back into the Damned Ages was too great for the apocalyptic creature to handle, however, and he fled the underworld. With the ceremony on indefinite hiatus, Death was unleashed upon the Crosslands with the rest of the Iron Horsemen of Doom (War, Famine, and Pestilence) and rides non-stop until they retrieve the beast and complete their masters’ passage back to power.

Channeling his master’s energy, Death has the ability to drain being’s of their soul by directly touching them and can then manipulate their hollow corpse to do his bidding. When needed, Death can also vomit a swarm of flies to reanimate large groups of corpses for a small army of obedient minions, but the larger the army, the harder it is for him to focus and maintain control. He carries a mystical scythe that vibrates at the same frequency as souls which allows him to seriously weaken and reap anyone he attacks with it.

After being drawn to the chaos created by a nuclear explosion near the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits, the Iron Horsemen of Doom found Billy on the outskirts of the disaster and pursued him until finally dragging him back to the underworld to fulfill the old ones’ prophecy. Moments away from releasing their masters, the unholy ritual was ruined at the last possible second by Deadwest and his gang who escaped with Billy back to the Crosslands. The Iron Horsemen of Doom returned topside to complete Billy’s sacrifice, but it was discovered Billy’s one weakness, a specially made dagger, could also be used to vanquish the heralds. Deadwest and Billy killed War, Famine, and Pestilence with the dagger but only managed to severe Death’s right hand before he retreated back to the underworld. Since then, the fallen heralds’ helmets and Billy’s dagger have been secretly scattered to the far corners of the Crosslands for safe keeping by Deadwest’s gang, and Death continues to plot his fellow riders’ resurrection and Billy’s ultimate sacrifice.

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