First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Monster Man

First Official Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at the Toxic Avenger Series

The oldest member of the iron horsemen, War is the herald to Acrimation, a centuries old deity of obliteration who was imprisoned with his brothers (Oblethe, Slimdearth, and Mephitis) in the ass end of the Crossland’s underworld by their children of darkness. Locked away but not forgotten, there still exists factions of demonic followers who worship the fallen titans and commit their afterlives to aiding their return to absolute dominance over the Crosslands. With limited influence outside his confinement, Acrimation sought out the most bloodthirsty soul in hell and bestowed him a fraction of his power to serve him in the underworld and beyond.

After countless lifetimes of prepping and planning, the old ones are closer to escaping than ever before. Their followers have finally found an unholy ritual powerful enough to break their shackles, and it culminates with the sacrifice of a specially prepared animal of damnation. The burden of throwing the Crosslands back into the Damned Ages was too great for the apocalyptic creature to handle, however, and he fled the underworld. With the ceremony on indefinite hiatus, War was unleashed upon the Crosslands with the rest of the iron horsemen (Death, Famine, and Pestilence) and rides non-stop until they retrieve the beast and complete their masters’ passage back to power.

War is a tortured soul who’s afterlife was so full of violent hate, it literally consumed him until there was nothin’ left but his battle armor. Channeling his supernatural strength and invulnerability from Acrimation,  War is an unstoppable warrior with countless kills and conquests to his name. The definition of brute force, he rarely follows any tactful strategies for accomplishing missions, choosing to blow his way through any situation and destroy everything instead. With no fears or care for anything save the tasks Acrimation demands of him, War’s fellow iron horsemen are cautious around the silent soldier least they get caught in his warpath. With support from Acrimation’s followers, War is fully stocked with all manner of guns, explosives, and hand held weapons to aid in his service to their master.

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