Howdy there, Scream Freaks! What a nutty week! If you’ve been followin’ the posts lately, then you’re aware we had to apply the brakes to our current season featurin’ us stuck in a parody war between Full Moon and Troma. Why? ’cause a certain film company that’s always claimed to champion independent entertainment told us they wouldn’t participate and to remove anythin’ to do with them regardless of this bein’ a labor of love made to celebrate the crazy films they’ve given us over the decades.

We’re still tryin’ to break our mugs from their stupefied expressions, wonderin’ how in the world Troma can celebrate works like Attack of the Tromaggot but not this epic animated crossover served on a silver platter for them to exploit however they wish. It only adds to the frustration when we come across recent articles from the Huffington Post with the headline “‘Troma Now’ Supports Uncut & Uncensored Independent Art,” sharin’ a story about Troma welcomin’ an Amazon rejected film into their catalog of flicks, because they won’t stand for independent artists bein’ censored. Lloyd Kaufman’s final quote made us chuck the damn computer across the room:

“So I address this to each and every filmmaker that is being choked by the fascist vertically integrated cartel and censorship mongers — Troma Entertainment’s doors are open to you. Come home to Troma Now. We will showcase your art and deliver it to the world as intended, completely uncut and completely uncensored. Censorship has run amok in this world and we here in Tromaville are fighting back. Give us your poor, your gore, your crude, and your lewd! I say to the independent art and commerce community, Come home! COME HOME TO TROMA NOW! We will be a community for you!”

It’s hilarious how life is mimicking art right now. In the show, our characters’ actions bring these 2 indie companies together, and then they have to protect the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits from the crossfire as a well meanin’ but troublesome Troma camp forces Full Moon’s camp to do things against their wishes. In real life, we brought these 2 indie companies together for a kick-ass season, and end up walkin’ on eggshells to protect the show ’cause of Troma’s attitude against the crossover which forces Full Moon to not be as involved as they want to be, forced to remove the episodes from their streamin’ services.

Anyway, I think it goes without sayin’ nothin’s changed as far as removin’ the censorship. We’ve had wonderful support from you Scream Freaks, and several of you have already contacted Troma askin’ them to let this season happen. Some of you have even made videos to express how upset this unfortunate circumstance has made you, and we’ve posted those below.

Just so you don’t think every week’s goin’ to be a rant against Troma, this is all we got to say until somethin’ significant happens worth mentionin’. We still like Troma and want their blessin’, can’t say enough how awesome Charles Band and Full Moon have been durin’ this mess, and know everythin’s gonna work out for the best in the end!

Other than that, be sure to catch up on all past Screaming Soup! Seasons, check out this week’s Howl’n Hottie, read recent reviews for the newer horror films and comics we’re checkin’ out in our blogs, R-Rated Reviews and Sequential Slime, and help us get the word out about the web’s #1 animated horror host show! Please use our social buttons in the upper right corner of the site and follow our tweets, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook, watch and share all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming.

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If you need the hook-up with instant Troma and Full Moon movies, we’d suggest watching Troma’s films for free on their Youtube channel, and you can get full access to Full Moon’s catalog of work from their movies to their Videozone clips at Full Moon Streaming and their Amazon channel.

See ya later, Scream Freaks!

5 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Susan Leighton
    Mar 12, 2017 @ 07:56:49

    Man, I still can’t get over the fact that Troma won’t participate but yet Kaufman is all over my Twitter feed espousing support of artists. I hope you guys can get this resolved. Love your site!


    • screamingsoup
      Mar 13, 2017 @ 02:18:47

      Us too, and thank ya. Truth is, Troma’s errand boy tells us Kaufman wants to do it (he says yes to us twice with plans for a cameo), but his partner Herz is the one puttin’ the brakes on the whole thing. That’s why we keep referring to this bein’ a problem with Troma and not specifically Lloyd. Still frustratin’ to read and hear Lloyd’s cheers for independent artists, however, and run into this crazy issue given we offered this whole season to them with no strings attached and even told them we could make changes upon request. Like they first told us there was some legal problem with us reviewin’ “Killer Condom” in relation to them. So, we bust ass and put together an “Attack of the Tromaggot” review in 2 days to make the Season 4 premier on time, but still get the same refusal to participate!


      • Susan Leighton
        Mar 13, 2017 @ 02:50:03

        It is evident every time I watch one of your compilations the care & craft that goes into them. So, I can really empathize with putting in a ton & a half of work with no result. Fingers crossed that it all works out. There always has to be that one person….

  2. Rex
    Mar 22, 2017 @ 01:28:55

    has there been any news on uncensoring of the season?


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