Howdy there, Scream Freaks! With all the drama happenin’ lately, we wanted to focus on somethin’ more positive and give a shout out to one entity that’s been nothing but good to us this season. After purchasin’ our first Roku device, we feverishly explored this new gateway to random entertainment, huntin’ for everythin’ bizarre and obscure. Much to our surprise, we found more than a handful of Roku channels that allowed us to finally watch longtime bucket list titles like the raunchy Ilsa movies, The Slime People, and Beware! The Blob. Most channels are free with periodic commercials, but we stumbled across one particular channel that quickly hooked us.

Beta Max TV is similar to other channels with a catalog of free on demand B movies and a streamin’ service but also offers horror hosts shows to viewers. That’s right. Harkin’ back to the UHF days when horror hosts were more commonly seen on the boob tube as opposed to YouTube, horror fans can capture some of that TV magic on their idiot box while gettin’ a glimpse at horror hosts of the 21st century. The more consistently updated  shows on Beta Max TV are The Midnight Movie with Dave and Ritch, Uncle Pete’s Dark Vault of Public Domain, and Lord Blood-Rah’s Nerve Wrackin’ Theatre. All of which follow the more traditional hostin’ formula with them book endin’ select movies with campy intros and outros.

Then there’s some new blood breakin’ into the scene like My Gal, the Zombie and the Mummy and the Monkey Show. My Gal, the Zombie kinda came out of nowhere for us but seems to be makin’ some waves out west with comic books, hot sauce, and 4 stars from horror host legend Joe Bob Briggs! Can’t help but be jealous of that last one! She hosts movies a little like Mystery Science Theater 3000 with regular commentary over the flick and typically includes music videos from independent bands. Mummy and the Monkey are a couple to keep your peepers on. These 2 are obvious fans of horror hosts and doin’ all they can to be part of its rich history in all the right ways. They’re hittin’ the conventions, workin’ the costumes, producin’ videos of them zippin’ around town and interviewin’ other hosts past and present . . . worth a watch. I only wish Zombie and M&M were postin’ their vids to Beta Max TV on a more regular basis. We could always go to their sites or YouTube channels to find more, but that kind of defeats the fun of seein’ them on this channel.

Curious to see how we could get in on the fun, we reached out to Beta’s head honchos through its website, and faster than you could say jumpin’ jack-o-lanterns, Screaming Soup! was happily accepted into the fold and is now rerunning past episodes every Saturday night at 9pm before the Cinema Snob of all people! We haven’t officially reached out to Snob yet, but have been regularly taggin’ him in our social media announcements before an episode airs. Our shows bein’ paired makes a lot of sense given we share the newer approach to hostin’ movies as reviewers, cuttin’ out all the bullshit in a movie to tell you fans what’s good or not and let you decide if it’s worth your time.

To wrap up, Beta Max TV has been very good to us and exhibits nothin’ less than professional courtesy and management for runnin’ our show in a talented line-up of programs we’re pleased to have joined. If you wanna check out Beta Max TV and all their featured horror host, click this link HERE. You won’t regret it!

Other than that, be sure to catch up on all past Screaming Soup! Seasons, check out this week’s Howl’n Hottie, read recent reviews for the newer horror films and comics we’re checkin’ out in our blogs, R-Rated Reviews and Sequential Slime, and help us get the word out about the web’s #1 animated horror host show! Please use our social buttons in the upper right corner of the site and follow our tweets, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook, watch and share all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming.

Warm up some Screaming Soup! leftovers with reruns currently scheduled to play on Beta Max TV ( Saturday nights @ 9pm EST) and Sluggo’s The Vortexx (after 9PM EST Sunday and Wednesday nights)!

If you need the hook-up with instant Troma and Full Moon movies, we’d suggest watching Troma’s films for free on their Youtube channel, and you can get full access to Full Moon’s catalog of work from their movies to their Videozone clips at Full Moon Streaming and their Amazon channel.

See ya later, Scream Freaks!

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  1. Susan Leighton
    Mar 18, 2017 @ 04:03:08

    So much great info! Have to look into Beta Max. Would make great late night fare.


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