Howdy there, Scream Freaks! You know, we’re not big fans of Hollywood remaking classic horror movies, ’cause so many of them were good the first time around! For example, The Omen, Fright Night, Nightmare on Elm St., maybe The Fog . . . but then there are those memorable monster movies that were poorly executed and deserving of redemption. One such film we always wanted to see remade or even remake ourselves would be the Incredible Melting Man . . . why’re you laughin’?

We reviewed sploosh face in season 2 of Screaming Soup! and had plenty of time to brainstorm what would make it a better movie after pointing out everything wrong with it. Despite its problem deciding whether or not it was going to be a horror parody, endless slow-mo running, silly scenes of seniors snatching lemons, and hambone acting, the concept of a guy melting away has a lot to offer if done right. The movie is already famous for make-up artist Rick Baker’s special effects, but if coupled with a convincing character for the audience to connect with, this could have easily been The Fly of its day.

If made in our vision, we’d still have the accident in outer space with the astronaut, resulting in his fatal meltdown. It starts slowly at first, but accelerates and gets worse, forcing him to be held for observation on some kind of military base. As he melts, his brain gets more and more unstable, making him attack people whose plasma slows down his melting, motivating him to kill more people out of desperation for preserving his own life. Sounds more or less the same movie so far, but the biggest difference would be developing the astronaut’s character more through conversations with friends and loved ones during his stages of meltdown. In the original, he barely spoke and just ran around like a mad gorilla taking chunks out of people in the boonies. He looked cool melting, but echoes of his deadly mission and sad stares at women through windows wasn’t enough to make you shed a tear for his demise as a human puddle by the end. Relationships, interacting with people, sharing thoughts and fears would easily bring the audience closer with his grim journey, making them actually give a shit when he dies. Regarding the effects, we’d definitely put him in situations that makes his condition worse. Like having to loose flesh squeezing his gooey body through things to attack someone or have to dissolve in some sewer water when escaping the military base, loosing limbs along the way. Just harmful situations that make sense and elevates the scares and gore of his appearance as the movie progresses. Lastly, wherever he goes, its with purpose like maybe returning home to be with his wife who he finds banging his best friend/doctor from the base which sends him into even more of a rattled rage. This has a lot of possibilities for being a really good gore flick  . . .

But then again, what do we know? We like killer tomato movies!

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I’ll see ya later, Scream Freaks!


Howdy there, Scream Freaks! As promised on the 20th of each month, we’ve got another hilarious review of a classic that’s been subjected to many horror hosts’ scrutiny before us, “The Incredible Melting Man.” Not to brag, but we have to pat ourselves on the back for this one. We’ve got new characters, developing subplots for future story arcs, funny jokes at the expense of the monster flick, and our favorite opening sketch of the season featuring Christopher Walken crossed over with “Death Proof.” Hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well, and shoot us some feedback as always!

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