Howdy there, Scream Freaks and welcome to the next excitin’ battle royal between Full Moon and those other guys we’re not supposed to name! As we punch and kick into the last half of this interdimensional brawl between two mighty B-movie behemoths, you may have noticed the rules are changin’ somewhat. But not to worry, we’re here to explain!

We here at Screaming Soup! consider ourselves completionists. When we watch or talk about a series, we wanna go over all of it! Take our Season 2 finale for example, when we reviewed Slumber Party Massacre 1-3 and its loose sequels Cheerleader Massacre 1-2. This compulsion of ours is one big reason why Full Moon fans haven’t been seein’ certain reviews or appearances of their favorite Full Moon characters.

The purpose of Season 4’s first half was to make you Full Moon and Troma fans aware of stand alone flicks that may have flown under your radar, helpin’ clue you in to other monsters worth watchin’ outside the bigger titles like Toxic Avenger and Puppet Master. But we ain’t stupid, and know y’all wanna watch the big dogs throwdown, so this last half turns the spotlight over to them. Problem is, however, these movie monsters have more than one flick and remember what we said about us bein’ completionists?

So, we’re lookin’ at the remainin’ 5 episodes of the season and want to review complete series from each studio that’s anywhere from 4-10 movies each series. The most reviews we can reasonably animate around are 5-6, and those episodes run over 30 minutes. So, if we were to review 2 complete series per episode for the last 5 episodes, we’d essentially be producin’ a season and a half worth of material by the end with half the episodes runnin’ over an hour long each. With this imposin’ workload threatenin’ to work us into the ground, upset the regular premier dates, and screw up our production schedule for Screaming Soup! Season 5, it’s just easier to break these last fights down into parts over 2-3 episodes with each episode dedicated to 1 whole series instead of 2. This limits how many more of your favorite characters we can pack in before the end, of course, but we promise you won’t be disappointed by our picks for these final rounds.

While it’s not blatantly displayed on the video cover, we think you can easily figure out this fight is Killjoy vs The Class of Nuke ‘Em High which will continue next episode with a review of that entire Troma series (minus the newly released Return to Return to Nuke ‘Em High Vol. 2 dependin’ on if we get a copy we can edit a review with). As sworn on a stack of Necronomicons before, Toulon’s puppets ain’t far behind and will get a very special in depth treatment that’ll make up for the wait when they arrive. Patience stressed one . . .

Anyway, watch the next episode, have fun, and congrats to this month’s Spot the Dollman Contest winner, Cero G. from Clinton, IN!

Other than that, be sure to catch up on all past Screaming Soup! Seasons, check out this week’s Howl’n Hottie, read recent reviews for the newer horror films and comics we’re checkin’ out in our blogs, R-Rated Reviews and Sequential Slime, and help us get the word out about the web’s #1 animated horror host show! Please use our social buttons in the upper right corner of the site and follow our tweets, subscribe to our YouTube channel, like our Facebook, watch and share all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming.

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See ya later, Scream Freaks!

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