Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Simmer down now, we haven’t seen the new Blair Witch yet but plan on watching it tonight. Fangs crossed it doesn’t just recycle everything from the original. I can only hope we go beyond shaky cams and endless screaming in the woods to actually having witches and other demonic forces chargin’ the screen with a little bit of blood and gore given the budget and technology this series has at its disposal now.

Would you believe some of us didn’t even watch The Blair Witch Project until a handful of years ago! When the original came out, there were so many spoofs made about it from Scary Movie to Scooby-Doo commercials on Cartoon Network and porn parodies like the Bare Wench Project (with B-goddess Julie Strain we might add), several of us felt like we saw the movie already. And after finally sitting our tailbones down and viewing it from reel to reel, we were pretty much right! Still no shame in seeing Blair Witch 2: Book of Shadows in the theaters years before checking out the original marketing moneymaker (but we are ashamed of being suckered by the Sci-fi Channel special that promoted the film as real found footage.).

Anyway, working hard on preparing Screaming Soup! Season 4 for 2017, excited about this upcoming episode 9/20/16 with a special cameo by Michael Gordon’s comic book creation, Tiki Zombie (, still watching buttloads of ’80s slasher movies on YouTube, and picking up some more comics this week which should pop up on our Sequential Slime blog later next week. So, lots going on, gotta go, and see you next week for the all new episode where we review Pinata Survival Island!

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We’ll see ya later, Scream Freaks!


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