Rebel Devil

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at This Is The End

Drink of choice: Monster Energy

Favorite treat: Mentos mixed with sodas

A lava surfin’ demonoid from the underworld, Rebel Devil is an adrenaline junkie who lives by the motto “Life on the edge ’til I’m dead.” Whether he’s parkouring Cinder Canyon, base jumping from the top of Bile Falls, or guzzlin’ a gallon of hell steed’s milk all at once, Rebel Devil thrives on extreme challenges and activities that’s caused more than a few upsets among his devilish brethren.

Minding his business while surfing the ass end of hell, Rebel Devil first crossed paths with Deadwest when the skeleton cowboy dropped in on him during his rescue of Billy from the Iron Horsemen of Doom. Convinced the Iron Horsemen’s plans for Billy would kick start a new age of darkness that could mean the end of his carefree partying with nothing but miserable servitude to look forward to, Rebel Devil helped save Deadwest’s partner and guided them and their friends out of the underworld’s nightmarish terrain back topside to the Crosslands.

Free from hell to explore the Crosslands for the first time, Rebel Devil now travels its dangerous landscapes in pursuit of new thrills and extremes with periodic stops by the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits.

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