Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Y’all may recall awhile back our comin’ face to face with one of horror’s heaviest hitters, and what a bitter sweet encounter that was. Kane Hodder blew through our neck of the woods fer an appearance at our favorite toy chest fer yesteryear and today’s playful plastics, Toy Federation, and as with many of the store’s guests, we anxiously anticipated an interview with Kane that would shed some light on his more obscure body of work outside the Jason and Victor Crowley movies. With him bein’ a professional fall guy turned monster suit actor turned regular thespian, we had no shortage of questions regardin’ his stints on popular TV shows like Who’s the Boss? and experiences actin’ ‘longside such high profile talents as Charlize Theron and Steven Seagal.

If ya read that blog by Mandy, however, then ya already know our attempt at that interview was nothin’ short of disappointin’. Kane just politely refused to do an interview and that was that, respectfully. He still answered any and all our questions from the word on ‘nother Muck movie to why Death House sucked so hard it blew, but just not in front of a camera. Mind ya, Kane was still a fantastic guy to meet, and we even spent the next day hangin’ ’round him as he signed autographs and jump scared unsuspectin’ customers, but we always regretted not bein’ able to add him to our growin’ roster of interviews.

Fast forward a few months, our second chance came, and we death gripped that sucker for all its worth!

Kane was swingin’ back by Toy Federation fer ‘nother store signin’, but this time he’d cap the night off with a showy QnA ‘fore an outdoor screenin’ of Jason Takes A Cruise To Canada. After makin’ arrangements fer us to host the QnA on the store’s behalf, we made sure to have cameras on the scene and capture the night’s festivities with Kane’s awareness. After a humorous half hour or so of him tellin’ stories from Hollywood and answerin’ fans’ all too familiar questions, we finally had the footage we needed to make an interview special!

Unlike our usual interviews with celebrities in a corner of the store bein’ asked a handful of questions, this video was more challengin’ to produce, ’cause it was an actual event and called fer a more creative presentation which is fun and different. Takin’ a laughable out of context approach akin to the kinda comedy Space Ghost: Coast to Coast is best known for, we dropped Kane into a completely animated world and exaggeratin’ the events that unfolded that night with our show’s characters in place of Kane’s real life cheer section.

A perfect example of this exaggeration is our overreaction to Kane’s answer to whether or not he’s ever met one of his own heroes from the silver screen. Our one and only deep cut question ‘fore the fans could claim him, and he confusingly talks ’bout how blessed he is to have played Jason so many times. Did he mishear us or forget what the question was altogether? We’ll never know, but it makes fer great comedy we hope y’all enjoy while learnin’ somethin’ new ’bout the man recognized for the most kills on film.

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See ya later, Scream Freaks!

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