Howdy there, Scream Freaks! With our current flings into streaming television broadcasts thanks to The Vortexx and Beta Max TV, we realized y’all might be interested in hearin’ our two cents on somethin’ we never talk about, and that’s TV! We talk and bitch about movies all day, but what TV shows grab the attention of your favorite team of animated horror hosts? What programs have the power to possess us to return to the boob tube each week in anticipation of a good time? Well, we’ll tell ya.

Focusin’ on newer shows that are currently runnin’, we watch our fair share of super dupers and comedies, but there’s lots of horror themed shows out there we regularly tune into.

One show we’ve watched since the beginnin’ is American Horror Story. Thought the first season with the haunted house was neat. Could care less about the asylum in season 2 because it felt like everything and the kitchen sink was thrown into the story without a satisfying wrap-up. Loved season 3 with the witches, and season 4’s freaks offered a lot of wonderfully disturbin’ stories we highly relished. The hotel in season 5 was an awesome settin’ but the story kind of got a little scattered at times. And finally, this past season with the reality show/documentary theme was a little bit of a miss for us, but only because we felt there were more lackluster episodes than usual in this season. Lookin’ forward to the next season that’s rumored to merge stories from past seasons.

It took us ’til season 2 to get on the band wagon, but we are regular viewers of The Walking Dead, and usually watch Talking Dead right after. It’s amazin’ how far this show has come along with its gore and characters and even more amazin’ how hooked we still are as the show switches gears more than ever with zombie apocalypse survivors goin’ to war with each other more than with the zombies. As long as Rick ain’t killed, we’re good with whoever they add to the body count. Mandy’s gettin’ real upset about the addition of the tiger though . . .

We did check out that Dead of Summer show on Freeform, about teen counselors encounterin’ supernatural prophecies at their summer camp. It was pretty good. Some cool deaths, Tony Todd plays a ghost, and it has a scary enough story about demons, slashers, and cults with some ’80s nostalgia to sweeten the show, but we weren’t completely sold on the cast of teens and some of the surprise twists got confusin’ plot wise.

Mandy’s always declarin’ MTV’s Teen Wolf is the new Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Funny thing is, though, it’s the sidekick, Stiles, we’ve become the biggest fans of, and he’s got zero monster powers! Fun and full of monsters, the only problem we ever had with this show is it always seems to be tryin’ to tell more than one crazy story at a time, makin’ it easy to get lost in some pretty complex plots and lose track of characters comin’ and goin’ for reasons we entirely forget. Sad to see it leave the airwaves this year.

Lastly, the one show we can’t get enough of, which is a testament to the show’s writers and cast, is Supernatural. Holy shit, 12 seasons and running, Sam and Dean Winchester haven’t lost a beat as two brothers beating almost every horror imaginable from small town vampires to world threatening gods and even Death himself! Skeptical viewers didn’t think the show could keep raisin’ the bar after the boys from Kansas defeated the devil by Season 5, but the show did just that and never lost our interests or loyalty as viewers. Sam and Dean have been so developed by this point, we would happily watch a whole episode if it were nothin’ but them drivin’ around shootin’ the shit. That’s a powerful show for that reason alone, and really deserves a lot more cinematic recognition for all it’s achieved over the years.

Syfy’s Face-Off is a favorite among us here as well. The format gets a little old at times, but that doesn’t rob those awesome moments when special effect wizards show what they got and make us gasp or cringe. It’s especially fun to talk with the contestants through Twitter after a show.

And we’re absolutely watchin’ Ash vs Evil Dead! This was the best decision to bring Ash back with a TV show instead of a movie, because it truly keeps the gravy train goin’ for us Bruce Campbell fans with long-term adventures produced year round. We think season 1 moved a little slowly with the show findin its pace and character, rehashin’ some of the same ol’ same ol’, but season 2 has proven to be everythin we hoped the show could be, and we’re lovin’ it!

We don’t want this entry to run too long, so that’s pretty much it! Now, you know what we’re watchin’! So, the next time you catch any of these shows, those goosebumps on your arms probably means we’re watchin’ them with you from somewhere. Feel free to share any thoughts or opinions you have on any of these shows with us through the site here or hit us up on our social media!

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