Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Yeeeee-haaaa! We got ourselves another excit’n, side-splitt’n episode, and you’re all invited! This time around we got ourselves an up close look at one of the 80’s lesser known stabby stab horrors, “Scarecrows.” With robber commandoes fighting for their lives to escape a cursed farm, this movie’s like “Predator” if you replace the alien with, well . . . scarecrows! Watch and find out just how bad a movie can be no matter how wild and exciting a concept is.

In addition to the review, we also have a new rogue to add to the show, and he’s a real annoying pain in our asses! Read up on Rook, our latest addition to the cast, and check out the newest stills added to our gallery from this episode.

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That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see ya’ later Scream Freaks!

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