Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Hope you enjoyed the 4th of July as much as we did. While you were shoving hot dogs in your faces, cannon balling into the shallow end, and running to the emergency room to treat firework injuries, we were having a Thing marathon!

The Thing has to be one of the scariest horrors imagined. That is, the alien from “John Carpenter’s The Thing.” The original Howard Hawks “Thing From Another World” was about a damn vegetable man trying to bash everyone. No, Carpenter definitely tapped into some great body horror with a whole reimagining of this monster attacking from the inside, representing what could arguably be a loose metaphor for fears at the time like AIDs. A monster whose every cell is its own entity, willing to do anything to survive, causing everyone who comes in contact with it to become paranoid and crazily anti-social for fear of being infected by the merest touch. Dark Horse comics was cool enough to continue the ’82 movie’s storyline in the 90’s with a few mini-series titled after the original movie, “Thing From Another World,” and was a great follow up for horror fans that didn’t disappoint. When interest picked back up in the late 2000’s to take another cinematic pass at such a influential movie, the filmmakers wisely told a story not even the comics did which is the obliteration of the Norwegian camp that dug up the Thing before it arrived at the American research station in the ’82 version. In retrospect, the 2011 story was good. The filmmaker really did their research, and the scene where the guy is combined into the 2 headed monster is pretty unsettling. The only shortcoming was the digital effects that just didn’t stand up to Rob Bottin’s slimy creature designs from the 80’s. It all felt too artificial and wasn’t really as gross as it should have been. We still hold the worst effect to be the transformation in the helicopter. It just didn’t look organic at all, but more like a jigsaw puzzle breaking apart with clean CGI wire innards blowing out!

Anyway, we got on a Thing kick and heard a KISS song recently that inspired us to edit together another Re-Make Re-Mix video for you Scream Freaks we hope you enjoy. It shows you all the good parts from the original Howard Hawks movies and most the goodies from the remakes. Enjoy!

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That’s pretty much it for now, so I’ll see ya’ later Scream Freaks!

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