Howdy there, Scream Freaks, and a happy early Halloween to ya as we bring our larger than afterlife season to its epic conclusion with a 36 minute finale! As you know, Buzzkill’s makin’ the Howl-Inn Grub and Spirits ground zero for his trap of a Halloween party meant to enslave the Crosslands, and it’s up to your favorite horror host gang to stop him. Everyone returns for one last appearance as the slime hits the fan and all walks of creature witness an unholy horror host feud end in a big top showdown.

To compliment such a celebration, we picked an equally monstrous film series to review, the Basket Case trilogy! We were fortunate enough to find these movies years ago on VHS when a video store was closing, and boy were we entertained by what has to be one of the most underrated monsters next to Maniac Cop! If you haven’t seen them, the movies follow these conjoined twins who were separated against their wishes, and now the normal looking brother carries his human meatball freak of a sibling in a wicker basket, struggling to find their place in the world while attacking haters. It’s absolutely one to check out, and even more fun to review so watch it below!

As for the sneak preview of next season you see in this review, we’ll come back to that later . . .

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We’ll see ya later, Scream Freaks!

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