Howdy there, Scream Freaks! If you wait long enough to catch the credits at the end of our shows, you’ll see names zippin’ by of some very talented voice actors. Most of them joined the show when we added a whole new roster of characters in Season 3, but with the epic war-torn story we’ve got for season 4, we had to reach out to even more talented folks gracious enough to lend their voices. While original characters are a cake walk to cast, it’s an entirely different beast findin’ folks who sound like a particular actor or character fans have expectations for. The hardest of these to cast were Jeffrey Combs’ Full Moon characters and the Toxic Avenger.

Luckily, after months of auditions, we finally found a couple of guys who could act and thankfully sound like these characters. Doug Powell plays all three of Jeffrey Combs’ alter egos (Dr. West, Dr. Tillinghast, and Dr. Mordrid), and Jason Underwood voices Toxie. It can be tricky impersonatin’ an actor playin’ multiple roles, but Doug pulled it off beautifully and far exceeded our hopes for capturin’ Combs deadpan theatrics we love so much. As for Jason, he was a natural for playin’ a hideously deformed creature of superhuman size and strength.

As Troma fans know, there’s two ways to play Toxie. Boomin’ and heroic like in Toxic Avenger and Citizen Toxie or eagerly light-hearted like in Toxic Avenger 2-3 and the Toxic Crusaders cartoon series. It was a  tough call for which approach to take with Toxie, but we grew up watchin’ the cartoon series and simply enjoy Ron Fazio’s performance as the monstrous hero in parts two and three the most. With that in mind, we thought Jason was a shoe in for voicin’ New Jersey’s first superhero. We knew Jason had a genuine knack for comedy after seein’ him perform improv with his group Alchemy Comedy, fellow filmmakers showed us he could act in their short films, and he’s tall. Why’s bein’ tall matter? We think it helps sell Toxie’s voice more if comin’ from someone close to Toxie’s size and build that can deliver lines with the same resonance.

Anyway, Jason has a weekly podcast he does with his friend Evan Harris called The Bearded Ones, and unbeknown to us, he’s been promotin’ Screaming Soup! and sharin’ behind the scenes exclusives on playin’ Troma’s cash cow from time to time. We had to call the big guy out on this, and immediately return the favor with a shout out on our weekly blog here. If you’re needin’ a humorous podcast to listen to, give them a listen as they poke good fun at anything and everything they can talk about from all things pop culture and history to science and even the Gingerdead Man at They’re good honest guys who just want to entertain and inspire while helpin’ other creative artists get their voices heard. If you want the specific podcasts with Jason talkin’ about bein’ on Screaming Soup!, follow this LINK.

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See ya later, Scream Freaks!

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