Howdy there, Scream Freaks! So, it’s about time we posted another video and decided to do another Re-Make Re-Mix this turn. You’ve seen us edit together music videos showing the different interpretations of King Kong, The Blob, and The Thing, but now we present to you  . . . 13 Ghosts!

Yessir, we still remember when the remake came out in 2001 with Monk and Shaggy running around that glass house from Solomon Grundy and the naked ghost chick with the big hoo-haws, making it one of our favorite horror films of all time. Always wondered all these years how similar it was to the original and finally had our secret wish answered when we came across a copy of William Castle’s version from 1960 in a pawn shop.

For 1960, the original 13 Ghosts is pretty impressive . . . as far as its concept that is! A family inherits a house haunted by 13 ghosts who were all captured and brought their by the husband’s deceased uncle. To help maneuver around the ghosts, the family is left with a pair of special glasses the uncle built for seeing them. That’s about where the similarities end. The real threat in the original wasn’t the ghosts but the estate lawyer after the uncle’s fortune hidden somewhere in the house. He finds it by the end, but has to kill the family’s son to keep his discovery a secret. The uncle’s protective spirit intervenes, however, killing the lawyer in a bed built for smothering whoever sleeps in it. Yeah, definitely giving points to the remake for cutting its lawyer in half as you’ll see in the video below.

But while the original doesn’t have energetic editing, dynamic performances, bloodshed, over the top set designs, awesome ghosts, color, or boobs, it does have a ghost lion which is pretty damn cool, the cool gimmicky history of seeing the ghosts on the movie screen through special viewers handed out at the theater when it originally ran, and mad respect for even conceiving such a wild idea for a story in 1960. Worth a look see if you like the remake, but I’d only recommend buying the remake for your horror movie collection.

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I’ll see ya later, Scream Freaks!

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