Howdy there, Scream Freaks! Ya know, when ya stay in as much as we do to work on bringin’ y’all the best animated horror host show on the web, it’s amazin’ how much ya can miss in the outside world. The second we stick our head outta our hidey hole for a breather, we learn the world’s been turned upside down in the wake of this Coronavirus that’s been wreckin’ everyone’s plans lately.

Some kinda respiratory thing, the Coronavirus has been makin’ headlines as this big bad bug from the East, killin’ some recorded number of young’ns and seniors who’s developin’/dilapidated bodies can’t handle the strain of the virus’s symptoms. At first, a lotta folks were crackin’ jokes ’bout it all from internet memes of quarantined Corona beers to the cast of Saturday Night Live coughin’ for laughs, but now it all seems to have taken an unexpected turn. With reports of this thing slowly spreadin’ to the other side of the world, concerts are bein’ cancelled, sports are bein’ played without crowds on the sidelines, schools are suspendin’ certain programs, Disney parks are lockin’ tourists out of their kingdoms, and upcomin’ movie premiers are bein’ pushed back as far as November! We don’t mind waitin’ for Daniel Craig’s final Bond performance but Quiet Place 2? Really?

Even the bird and pig flu never converted this many folks into panicked germophobes. Like milk sandwiches durin’ a blizzard, stocks of hand sanitizer and paper surgical masks are non-existent in stores at this point. People are spooked of touchin’ the wrong thing or shakin’ the wrong hand and bein’ forced into a two week quarantine from the comfort of home. My go-to chuckle in all this noise is all the news breaks of yahoos who refuse to believe avoidin’ this epidemic is as simple as “washin’ yer hands.” There’s actual reports out there warnin’ citizens to avoid the followin’ strategies for reducin’ their risk of infection, meanin’ at least one clueless yokel thought these bogus claims would help ’em battle the coronavirus; masterbation, doin’ hard narcotics like blow, and drinkin’ bleach. In a world where fads have included teens drinkin’ hand sanitizer to get drunk and ingestin’ Tide pods for the sheer hell of it, it’s not that far fetched to imagine people givin’ these things a try, but come on!

The bigger joke to us are all the businesses exploitin’ the Coronavirus with a parade of “comfortin'” messages to anyone who’s ever shopped their stores. These bulletins ensure their valued customers they’re treatin’ the threat of the virus very seriously and takin’ every germ killin’ precaution imaginable, so you can shop without a worry in the world. In other words – we installed Purell dispenser by the door.

Anyway, we here at Screaming Soup! headquarters are fine and dandy for those who care to know, and ’bout ready to start animatin’ our next excitin’ episode as soon as we wrap up a short toon we’re pullin’ together for Wolfgang from the Ghouligans (that retired gang of horror hosts who guest starred in our review of the Slumber Party Massacre series). In the meantime, remember to be smart with yer hygiene, don’t believe every little thing ya read or hear on the internet, and don’t forget – we’re in the middle of an election year, so things like this often get blown waaay out of proportion as a means to someone’s political end.

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See ya later, Scream Freaks!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Jon Snow
    Mar 13, 2020 @ 21:40:56

    I kinda feel as though people are getting worked up cause the news is making it out to be bigger than it is. Don’t get me wrong its bad but closing conventions might be a bit much


  2. rvshull
    Mar 14, 2020 @ 22:43:46

    It’s a good day to he you Deadwest. No nose, no lungs…nocovid-19. And it can’t find the beautiful out of sight Mandy. Take care and keep the soup cooking.


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