Well, here we are again Scream Freaks! Sorry for the week delay, but me and the guys found ourselves caught in a heated situation with a hot headed hostess trapped in an abandoned grindhouse theater. She needed a ghoulish snack, but she messed with the wrong umbres! Never fall for a sign advertising free peanut M&M’s I tell ya what.

Other than that, things have been bust’n around here! We’re about ready to premier our latest episode at the end of the week (hint: George Clooney goes back to high school), working on our first Tribute vid which will highlight the career of one of Full Moon Features’ alumni, and I’m announcing our first Screaming Soup contest for the fans!

This fall, enter for a chance to win a visit from none other than me, Deadwest, the internet’s #1 animated horror host, at your next Halloween party! That’s right, one lucky Scream Freak will have the distinct pleasure of me crashing their event, eating their candy, and convincing some gullible sap to bob for grenades. To enter, just shoot us an email at screamingsoup@gmail.com with the subject “Screaming Soup! Halloween Contest” and one lucky fan will be chosen at random to win! Contest expires 10/20/14.

Otherwise, follow our tweets, watch all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming. See ya later, Scream Freaks!



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