Lot of commotion going on out there, Scream Freaks, and its blowing up the internet! Seems someone got the bright idea to make use of an old gag for raising money and applied it toward efforts to nab some generous donations for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease) research. Not only was this plan successful but it sent the world spiraling into one of the most outrageous and miscommunicated social events to ever happen! The gag is someone calls you out to either donate a lot of money to the charity they’re championing or dump a bucket of ice cold water over your head and donate a much smaller amount.  The research foundation claims to have raised plenty of deniro through this viral sensation. Regardless of such reports, however, you still have your critics who want to chastise the majority of people they claim are only making a spectacle of themselves and dismissing the whole part about donating. Then the criticism hits a new level when third world countries get pissed at all these privileged Youtubers pouring their endless gallons of water everywhere while they have to ration their limited supply of H2O for everyday survival. To their rescue comes celebrities like Matt Damon who helps start an alternative challenge that encourages people to dump toilet water over their heads to help those who actually need water. Before you know it, this will result in an outcry from India over their lack of waste disposal and inspire people to dump sewage over their heads to help fight their pollution.

Anyway, we’re only talking about this because we’ve been challenged to the ice bucket challenge for ALS by a fan of the site, and we couldn’t think of a good reason to say no. Sure, we could donate without the ice bucket, but why not follow the trend of doing both like so many others have? At least were in good company with the likes of Stan Lee, Stephen Hawking, and Superman. Enjoy the vid, and we challenge Charles Band (or the Gingerdeadman) of Full Moon Features (Twitter:@RealCharlesBand ) , Toxic Avenger  from Troma Films (Twitter:@lloydkaufman), Joe Bob Briggs (Twitter:@therealjoebob) of TNT Monster Vision fame, and horror hostess Ms. Monster and her Monster Mellons (Twitter:@msmonster).

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