Howdy there, Scream Freaks! While we’re hard at work animatin’ the next episode of Screaming Soup! ’til our hands are ’bout to literally fall off, we still tear ourselves away long ‘nough to check out the latest horror flicks hittin’ the big scream. Last week, we decided to indulge in a tub of popcorn and buckets of beer while watchin’ the newest Stephen King flick to be recycled, Pet Sematary.

For those out of the loop, King claims Pet Sematary is the scariest novel he’s ever written usin’ events from his own life as inspiration. Like all his books, Pet Sematary was adapted into a 1989 movie followed by a sequel that was a total product of Hollywood King washed his hands of. In nutshell, every Pet Sematary is ’bout a family movin’ to a remote home next to a cursed Indian burial ground. When loved ones start dyin’, a family member finds out the land can resurrect the dead, and tries bringin’ everyone back with the best of intentions. Unfortunately, folks come back different with a mean homicidal streak.

Full confession, half of us here at Screaming Soup! never watched the original flick from ’89. We’ve had a copy of it collectin’ dust on the shelf for years now but never made the effort to check it out. Mainly ’cause we always compared its ankle bitin’ killer to Chucky which is a stupid reason not to watch what so many people told us is the scariest movie they’ve ever seen, but that’s how our fucked up noodles work. Plus, we saw the sequel with the kid from Terminator 2 which we’re big fans of, and didn’t think a possessed little boy story could compete. But with the arrival of the newest take on the film in the wake of Stephen King redux, we finally tried to make a movie night out of it, but Mandy’s got her hang ups ’bout animal deaths, and those of us who already saw it were too scared to watch it again. No shit!

So, we went into the newest Pet Sematary as novice without any thoughts or feelin’s for the original distractin’ us from judgin’ how good or bad it is.

When a doctor’s daughter is taken from him by high speed textin’ and drivin’, he refuses to say good-bye and uses cursed Indian grounds behind his house to resurrect her with violent consequences. This remake essentially follows the same beats as the ’89 Pet Sematary but is a bizarro version with most situations and actions flipped to keep it “unexpected.” We think the film looks great and has a compellin’ cast of actors that includes a talented pussy cat who proves practical pets are scarier than any CGI critter, but the whole thin’ of characters bein’ haunted by ghosts from their pasts feels too disconnected from the plot, and the pacin’ of the family’s reunion with their daughter seems rushed ‘stead of impactful. A decent 3/5 watch overall, but not good ‘nought to wanna see it again anytime soon.

While we still haven’t seen the original Pet Sematary (which will change sooner than later), we are familiar with its theme song by the Ramones we included in our Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits Jukebox Playlist. It’s different, catchy, and makes for a hell of a karaoke song if ya ever get the chance to sing it at the bar the next time ya go out for drinks. We’re bringin’ this ol’ diddy up, ’cause even this got a remake by a band called Starcrawler which has been gettin’ mixed reviews. It’s not radically different and is okay at best, but what do y’all think?

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