Howdy there, Scream Freaks! In case you haven’t heard, YouTube’s been upsettin’ a lot of channel creators the past year or so thanks to changes in its advertisin’ policies. Folks lucky enough to make some deniro runnin’ ads on their content suddenly found the well runnin’ dry after their videos were deemed unsuitable for advertisers’ vanilla comfort. One particular genre of channels that seems to be hit the hardest by this bad taste cleansin’ is horror.

We first heard about these purgin’ waves around a year ago on ComicBookGirl19’s video “Is this the end of the Comic Book Girl 19 Show? #YouTubeIsOver Explained.” In a nutshell, YouTube makes its money from the same ads its channels profit from when content creators choose to monetize their vids for a buck. Didn’t matter what the video was about – cats teachin’ bumblin’ babies life hacks for reviewin’ the sexual subtext in Pride & Prejudice and Zombies or backyard stunt dawgs spreadin’ hate propaganda to sexually abused blow-up dolls in a kiddie pool of peanut butter – the creators could check the box that allowed them to earn some pocket change off any random business’ openin’ commercial. Seems one such business caught their ad on one of the harsher videos and blew their shit thinkin’ everyone who clicks to skip their commercial are gonna think they support whatever sick content the viewers obviously came to enjoy. They threatened to break ties with YouTube (potentially startin’ a chain reaction of other nervous businesses jumpin’ ship), YouTube panicked, and now videos have to be squeaky clean to benefit from monetization which keeps the cash cows happy and YouTube’s banks full.

Accordin’ to the folks I’ve been watchin’, the unsuitable content YouTube’s lookin’ to cut off is pretty much anything violent, sexual, vulgar, and graphic . . . all the things we love about horror! A few of our friends in the horror community have felt the squeeze the last few months and have been none too happy about it. Blood Bath & Beyond was one of the last big ones we heard was hit, but recently the Horror Addicts got the bad news with several of their vids bein’ demonetized. They published a perfect reaction video to all this you can watch below and are rallyin’ fellow horror fans to #KeepYouTubeCreepy.

Just so you Scream Freaks out there know, this stuff with YouTube ain’t gonna hurt or stop Screaming Soup! YouTube’s not dumpin’ entire channels like they never existed, they’re just cuttin’ certain channels off from the revenue their vids generate. We haven’t been hit with this yet, but that might be because we didn’t monetize Season 4 as part of an agreement we made with Full Moon and Troma (in the beginnin’) since we’re workin’ with their characters this year. Screaming Soup! is a labor of love, and a means for us to celebrate everythin’ we love about horror with you Scream Freaks, connect with our heroes in the genre, be artists in every sense of the word, and make waves in the horror host community we’re hopin’ will one day catapult us alongside such heavy weights as Elvira and the Crypt Keeper.

Money is important, but it’s not what drives our show. It is a goal of ours to make Screaming Soup! successful enough to be a sustainable career, but our primary focus is creatin’ great shows that tell wild stories, share candid reviews, and makes you laugh above all else. We’re sure fame and fortune will come when it comes, but we ain’t gonna let it steer our creativity.

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See ya later, Scream Freaks!

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