Howdy there, Scream Freaks! While shyin’ away from all the mama drama stalker flicks definin’ 2019 as late, we’ve been hard at work creatin’ more content while findin’ new ways to network our show to a wider audience. One of these attempts was answerin’ an open call for interviews bein’ requested for an in depth factoid flick claimin’ to be the definitive ’80s documentary of horror, In Search of Darkness.

When we first saw the trailer advertisin’ this project’s Kickstarter last year, sweet sugar pumpkins, we were hooked! If this sample is a genuine taste of what’s to come, we’d be stupid to pass up the chance at bein’ part of somethin’ the horror community’s so enthusiastic ’bout, they gave the filmmakers nearly four times the budget they asked for to finish it! Packin’ in as much material as they can from ’80-’89, the filmmakers are coverin’ all the bases with commentary on horror’s significance to the VHS boom, its unforgettable poster art, and nods to movies as obscure as Xtro to mainstream hits like Friday the 13th. Obviously, there’s goin’ to be interviews, and this ambitious crew’s been proudly updatin’ their followers with a slew of interviews they scored with horror hall-o-fame directors, actors, effects wizards, and even a handful of today’s influencers like us.

Yup, famous online commentators on yesteryear’s horror like the Angry Video Game Nerd and GoodBadFlicks have been officially announced as part of the documentary’s line-up of talkin’ heads, and fangs crossed, we’ll be joinin’ them! After hittin’ up the documentary’s production company, CreatorVC Studios, for what to do, they fired us a list of burnin’ questions we answered in our own animated way. For y’all’s entertainment (’cause even if it’s accepted, there’s no chance it’ll all be used), enjoy our insightful and uncut interview we submitted to the fine people behind In Search of Darkness.

Now, while In Search of Darkness ain’t due for a few months, there’s still a lot you can gain by visitin’ their IndieGoGo page. Ya get all the gritty details for release dates and which talents’ faces they crammed with a camera, and find plenty of deals and opportunities for perks that include early bird digital releases, posters, t-shirts, and even producer credits. Find it all here at:

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