Are you busting at the seams to spread holiday joy but can’t find the right words without looking stupid? Then let Screaming Soup do it for you with these original Eeeh!-Cards! Just click the card that best echoes your sinister sincere message of jeer cheer, then share it using one of the social buttons below. They’re sure to creep out your secret crush, make your family think you give a damn, and save you some green backs with unappreciative friends!

Birthday Eeeh!-Cards


Halloween Eeeh!-Cards

screamingsouphalloweencard1deadwestcopyright2014happyeverydayco screamingsouphalloweencard2deadbeatcopyright2014happyeverydayco screamingsouphalloweencard3AppleBobbingcopyright2015happyeverydayco   

Thanksgiving Eeeh!-Cards

Thanksgivingcardfinal copy ScreamingSoupcopyright2015happyeverydaycoThanksgivingcardfinal2

Merry Christmas Eeeh!-Cards

Merry Krampus Eeeh!-Cards
ScreamingSoupMerryKrampusHolidayEeehCard2014HappyEverdayCo ScreamingSoupMerryKrampusHolidayEeehCard22015HappyEverdayCo

Valentine’s Eeeh!-Cards



St. Patrick’s Day Eeeh!-Cards

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