2019 “Mandy’s Halloween Movie Compilation Contest!” Congratulations to Brad (Greenville, NC).

2018 “Scream Freak Film Contest!”

2018 “Spot the Horror Host Challenge”

Download your favorite horror host’s cartoon avatar HERE

2017 “Spot the Dollman Contest!”


Episode #32 winner, Jared Johnson (Paradise, CA).
Episode #33 winner, Brandon Riggs (Wellsville, OH).
Episode #34 winner, James Lohmann (Markham, IL).
Episode #35 winner, Robert Kern III (Reisterstown, MD).
Episode #36 winner, Cero G. (Clinton, IN).
Episode #37 winner, Sean Garver (Batesville, AR).
Episode #38 winner, Samantha Hahn (Batesville, AR).
Episode #39 winner, Buddy Smith (Arlington Heights, IL).
Episode #40 winner, Rich Martinez (Nampa, ID).

2017 “Mandy’s Holiday Horror Prize Basket.” Congratulations to Sarah Day (Durham, NC).

2014 Screaming Soup! Halloween Contest!


Congratulations to our 2014 “Screaming Soup! Halloween Contest” winner, Jessica Davenport!

Randomly drawn from hundreds of submissions, Jessica won the grand prize and had her Halloween party crashed by none other than Deadwest himself! Journeying from the Crosslands to Grand Rapids, Michigan wasn’t easy but nothing was more exciting than seeing Jessica’s guests scream at the arrival of the internet’s favorite animated horror host. Bringing bags of Halloween tricks and treats, Deadwest helped them party hard into the night with some good ‘ole fashion firewater, crunchy candies, and a multitude of monsters movies on the boob tube.

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