First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Neon Maniacs

Drink of choice: Goldschläger

Favorite treat: Dove

An elite warrior belonging to a celestial order responsible for trapping the Crosslands’s most unholy deities, the old ones, Vixtrix is a top ranking member of an angelic strike force that’s called to action in the most dire circumstances when the cosmic balance of good and evil is at risk. A no non-sense army of one, Vixtrix is a fierce hand to hand combatant with a particular knack for wielding a spear. Her wings are her most vulnerable asset, allowing her to fly over long distances and dive-bomb into battles. Mission oriented to a fault, Vixtrix will ignore fellow warriors in need to act on opportunities she finds for completing her tasks.

When it was discovered the old ones’ heralds created an unholy beast of the apocalypse (Billy) whose sacrifice would release their imprisoned masters and usher in a new age of darkness, Vixtrix and her squad were ordered to infiltrate the underworld and ensure no such rise to power took place. Overwhelmed by unforeseen forces, everyone but Vixtrix perished in this divine intervention, and she was locked away for further interrogation until Deadwest found her during his rescue of Billy from the heralds. Given their shared goals for preventing Billy’s sacrifice and the return of the old ones, Vixtrix joined Deadwest’s fight and helped save Billy while also obtaining the only weapon that can destroy him.

With the heralds defeated, and the old ones secure in their prisons, Vixtrix has returned to her ethereal post and continues watch over the balance of power in the Crosslands.

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