TP Mummy


First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Hellbound

Drink of choice: Firewater shots

Favorite treat: Atomic Fireballs

While hiking the Rage’n Tribe’s Trail of Sorrows in the Crosslands, an unfortunate hiker was trapped inside a porta potty buried under a rockslide. Several years passed before the porta potty was discovered with the hiker transformed inside. Possessed by a powerful spirit of the Rage’n Tribe while in a weakened state, the hiker emerged a mummified warrior wrapped in toilet paper from head to toe. After learning his tribe had died out long ago, TP Mummy ventured out to the Crosslands in search of quests to satisfy his hunter’s instincts. His most challenging quest he’s still yet to complete is the dismantling of the mechanical devil bull, Heck Machine, who has proven to be a powerful adversary. The porta potty TP Mummy rose from serves as his sarcophagus and is the source of his power. He keeps it hidden in a cave near the Howl-Inn Grub and Spirits.


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