rookscreamingsoupcopyright2014First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Scarecrows

Drink of choice: Cream Soda

Favorite treat: Butterfingers

A hay man who gets off on frightening strangers for fun, Rook is a Crosslands drifter who’s always looking for the next big scare. He hit the jackpot when coming across the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits where all walks of creature are game for his sick indulgence. Though perceived as a harmless nuisance, Rook’s obsession with terror tactics has developed a certain set of skills that make him a dangerous menace. A master at stealth who favors a good ambush, he can sneak around anything without being seen, and his wiry frame can maneuver through the tightest of spaces. Rook’s scares begin innocently enough but can escalate to life threatening levels when he finds someone tougher to frighten.

After irritating Deadwest with his jump scares, the skeleton cowboy challenged Rook to a showdown which ended with Rook’s head being blown off when Deadwest cheated the three count draw. With his mind scrambled, Rook stumbled through the Deathwind Desert as a dimwit until he was recruited as one of Buzzkill‘s henchmen and had his mind restored with magic. After Buzzkill’s plan for being the center of everyone’s attention failed, Rook went his separate way. Inspired by one of Buzzkill’s spells that temporarily boosted his abilities, Rook has begun customizing his patchwork body in an effort to be a more frightening and formidable foe.

Rook currently travels the Crosslands as a drifter once again, still holding a grudge against Deadwest for previously reducing him to a babbling bafoon.

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  1. Brandon Riggs
    Aug 11, 2016 @ 05:14:25

    Do you think their will be another scarecrow movie review with rook?


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