Rabbit Kadabra

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Slime City 1-2

Drink of choice: Screwdriver

Favorite treat: S’mores

Rabbit Kadabra isn’t a one trick pony but three! Fed up with his magician’s lack of ambition for the bigger things in life, the furry foul mouth critter known as Rabbit stole his master’s living magic wand and fled to follow his own path for glory. Despite his natural talent for big magic numbers and jaw dropping show stoppers, Rabbit quickly found out nobody took a white rabbit seriously for a magician. Refusing to be denied his time in the limelight, Rabbit returned to his master only to transform him into a mechanical puppet with his own living wand. Controlling his master from within his top hat, Rabbit books shows as Rabbit Kadabra and struggles to become a celebrated big shot in the magic world. Rabbit tries to keep it a secret he’s a critter controlling a puppet, but he’s prone to pop out on stage screaming obscenities when angered by an unresponsive or heckling audience. The living wand acts as the straight man of the group who keeps Rabbit in check during such outbursts.

Rabbit Kadabra first came to the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits to supposedly perform his magic show but was mistakenly hired to host a night of bar trivia with a Dodge Demon as the prize. Dissatisfied with his compensation after being heckled by Deadwest most the night, Rabbit Kadabra tried taking the car for himself as payment which angered the players erupting in a bar brawl with the magician.

When Buzzkill turned the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits into his command center for taking over the minds of the Crosslands, Rabbit Kadabra was recruited as one of his henchmen. When Deadwest lead a rebellion against Buzzkill’s play for power, the ass clown temporarily boost the magician’s powers with a spell which fused the three entities into one. Upon Buzzkill’s defeat, Rabbit Kadabra went his separate way and continues performing his magic act in the hopes he’ll hit the big time as a respectable magician.



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