First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Neon Maniacs

Drink of choice: Scotch with a crazy straw

Favorite Treat: Whatchamacallit

An unwelcomed blast from the past, Deadwest and Psychowest were a rough riding gang of outlaws hellbent on infamy and riches when they were alive, but greed over a big score ended that partnership when Psychowest dropped the soon-to-be horror host with a bullet between the eyes. Since then, this trigger happy hellraiser steadily gained a notorious reputation as one of the most deranged gunslingers around, until he embarrassingly slipped to his death on some ping pong balls at a horoscope bingo tournament he was robbing. Damned to eternal torment in the Crossland’s underworld, Psychowest endlessly fought tooth and nail to escape his suffering until his treacherous past favorably caught up to him.

The Iron Horsemen of Doom (leaders of hell’s most powerful factions) were preparing to bust four elder gods from their heavenly cursed cages to resume their heinous dominion over the Crosslands but knew the unholy ritual was in jeopardy so long as Deadwest was running through the bowels of hell to stop it. Given their past, Psychowest was made an offer to find and destroy Deadwest in exchange for a free roaming afterlife. Jumping at the chance to be pardoned from hell and reignite his favorite rivalry, Psychowest was armed with as much ammo as he could carry from pistols to shotguns and grenades. His signature weapons, however, are a remote control coffin that transforms into a mini-gun on treads, and Boris, his pet spider in his skull whose web can be used for fighting enemies or getting out of tight jams.

Teamed with Heck Machine, Psychowest did eventually find Deadwest in the ass end of hell but failed to stop him from interrupting the ritual. While being ushered back to his cell, he used his wits to instigate a riot among hell’s inmates and escaped in time to ambush Deadwest at an abandoned bullet train station. The battle ended in a draw with the arrival of Heck Machine, after which Psychowest managed to stow away on the bullet train Deadwest used to rocket to freedom topside.

Now a fugitive from hell, Psychowest bides his time while seeking new purpose in the wild weird west of the Crosslands and fantasizes how brutal his next grudge match will be against his most satisfying kill.

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