Moshufu Tsung


First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at The Maniac Cop Trilogy”

Drink of choice: Saki

Favorite treat: Marshmallow Peeps

An Asian kung-fu sorcerer, Moshufu Tsung specializes in kinetic energies he channels through martial arts. Long ago, Moshufu briefly died in a mosh pit massacre at a Toxic Spew concert and found his essence lost in a limbo dimension. While in the limbo dimension, Moshufu found the displaced essences of Merlyn and Bruce Lee who were having an argument over which was more powerful, magic or kung-fu. The two settled their differences with an epic fight that caught Moshufu in the middle. Taking the full impact of magic and kung-fu at once, Moshufu’s body violently absorbed the conflicting powers and transformed into a vessel that housed both ancient disciplines. The shock of the transformation sent Moshufu back to his body in the Crosslands where he quickly mastered his new power over sorcery and the martial arts. He became a fighting legend talked about in whispers. A roaming mystic known for liberating hopeless pockets of civilization and vanquishing malicious oppressors. Beyond his inherent mastery of the martial arts, Moshufu’s magic allows him to levitate, focus concentrated blasts of kinetic energy, and manifest weapons like Sais and nun-chucks he controls telekinetically.

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