First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Evil Toons

Favorite treat: Cuban cigars

Funnybone is Buzzkill’s cigar smoking chimp sidekick on the Scary Fun Show. He’s a clever animal that exhibits violent bursts of energy from time to time and completely loyal to Buzzkill. He likes to play tricks on others, including Buzzkill, and hates to be surprised. He has proven smarter than Buzzkill before and helps him in his efforts to ruin Deadwest and Billy.

After Deadwest banished Buzzkill within the pages of a magical tome called Deadlit, Funnybone managed to subdue Dedlit, translate its pages into a second hand copy called the Ded Subject Notebook, and helped Buzzkill escape its pages. Infused with new powers he absorbed from Dedlit, Buzzkill challenged Deadwest to a horror host off with the loser agreeing to leave the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits forever, and the winner getting the other’s sidekick. With Heck Machine as the ref, Deadwest was named the winner and became Funnybone’s new master.

Slumming it with his new master, Funnybone didn’t fall back into bad habits until Buzzkill returned with a gang of misfit monsters he used to muscle Deadwest out of the bar. Buzzkill’s need for attention was insatiable during this time, and he planned a massive Halloween party where he would use the magic of the Ded Subject Notebook to enslave the minds of the Crosslands. The night of the party, however, Deadwest snuck in to stop the ass clown’s play for ultimate domination and was spotted by Funnybone. Billy caught Funnybone before he could alert Buzzkill, and Deadwest threw him to Bonepick for a snack.

Funnybone’s current whereabouts are unknown.


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