Dr. Rig R. Mortis MD

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Return to Horror High

Drink of choice: Brandi

Favorite treat: KitKat

Dr. Rig R. Mortis MD is a sinister doctor who remains a mystery to everyone at the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits. Nobody knows where he comes from or why he skulks in the shadows, spying on potential victims. His M.O. is to wait until someone needs medical attention, no matter how small, and then swoop in for emergency surgery that’s really an excuse to dissect and dismember for his sick pleasure. Most patrons question if he’s even a doctor at all or just a sick customer who gets his jollies from senseless bloodshed he causes with his bloody butcher bag.

Dr. Mortis was eventually recruited as one of Buzzkill’s henchmen helping the ass clown enslave the minds of the Crosslands. When Buzzkill’s plans were foiled, however, Dr. Mortis went his separate way and continues to dismember and disembowel victims for demented fun. It’s rumored he runs a shady side business dealing in body parts and body alterations.

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