Countess Contessa

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at I Bought A Vampire Motorcycle”

Drink of choice: Blood Martini

Favorite treat: Gummi Blood Bears

Of all Dracula’s brides, Countess Contessa is by far the most cutthroat in every sense of the word. A statuesque business woman who’s constantly on the hunt for fortune and power, this self-serving opportunist saw plenty of room for advancement in Dracula’s power structure as the king of the vampires and steadily manipulated her way through his royal hierarchy as his business consultant until he took her as one of his coveted brides.

As a vampire, Countess Contessa has all the normal strengths and weaknesses of an average fanger with above average speed and strength whose bloodsucking habits can be ended by severe damage to her heart or prolonged exposure to UV light. As a vampire with Dracula’s blood coursing through her veins, however, she has additional abilities like flight, shapeshifting, and a transformative bat state that’s larger than others. For additional muscle, Contessa is the master of a royal bred devil dog who acts as her bodyguard.

Not content until Dracula’s empire is completely hers, Contessa spent years orchestrating how to best overthrow him with the least resistance, but unforeseen circumstances ruined her plans when one of Dracula’s lowly clerks accidentally staked him and was initiated into the royal bloodline. As the primary inheritor of Dracula’s throne by law of blood, Count Ted’s first order of business was banishing Contessa from all royal family dealings thanks to his long dislike of her treatment of him.

Blaming her expulsion on Deadwest’s influence over Ted, Contessa now vows revenge against both of them as she continues plotting her hostile takeover as the future queen of the vampires.

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