First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Evil Toons

Drink of choice: Jim Beam

Favorite treat: Goobers

Buzzkill is a perverted chain smoking ass clown who hosts the Scary Fun Show. Like Deadwest, Buzzkill is a glory seeker but lacks wit and finesse in favor of bad puns and dirty limericks. Despite abysmal ratings, bottom of the barrel movies and poor showmanship, Buzzkill has a superiority complex and demeans everyone around him with vulgar insensitive jokes. He has a chimp skeleton sidekick named Funnybone who joins him on all his misadventures and sometimes proves smarter than he is. Though clueless and slow most the time, Buzzkill can be a clever adversary to outwit when he sets his mind to something.

After being demeaned by Deadwest while taking calls on the Scary Fun Show, Buzzkill hunts down his skeletal heckler for payback but is entrapped in a living book of the dead called Dedlit. Over time, Funnybone manages to rescue his greasy master from the pages of the cursed book, and Buzzkill is endowed with new magical powers he gained while imprisoned in Dedlit. Able to manifest gag weapons out of thin air and teleport short distances, Buzzkill confronts Deadwest again and challenges him to a horror host off with Heck Machine as the ref. Deadwest wins the challenge and uses Deadlit against Buzzkill to banish him deep in the Fever Swamps.

In the Fever Swamps, Buzzkill reveals he has a hand made copy of Dedlit he calls the Dead Subject Notebook which gives him as much power as the original text. He uses this shoddy carbon copy of magic to enlists the help of monster misfits from It Conquered the World, Robot Monster, and From Hell It Came and leads them to the Howl-Inn Grub & Spirits where he promises to bring them all the fame and respect they’ve been denied. With these B-movie behemoths as his muscle, Buzzkill steals Deadwest’s favorite table at the bar for hosting and uses the cherished spot for reviving his Scary Fun Show. With the bar’s employees under his control and Deadwest out of action, Buzzkill is content for a while, but his ego grows out of control for more praise and attention. After taking over the airwaves and invading folks’ personal space with mobile TVs broadcasting his show non-stop, Buzzkill decides to host the biggest Halloween party the Crosslands has ever seen and uses the event for casting a spell that will make all the guests his loyal worshippers. As he’s about to curse the party, Deadwest arrives with his own small army of monsters and defeats Buzzkill by feeding him and his Dead Subject Notebook to the Giant Claw. Before Buzzkill and his monster misfits are stopped by Deadwest, however, Buzzkill manages to cast one last summoning spell for reinforcements which transports the forces of Troma and Full Moon Empire to the Crosslands and sparks a separate war Deadwest and his gang are caught in the middle of.

Buzzkill is seen again when Deadwest enters the underworld to rescue his partner Billy from the Iron Horsemen of Doom (Death, Pestilence, Famine, War), suggesting the Dead Subject Notebook didn’t save Buzzkill from being killed by the Giant Claw’s attack. While sneaking around the gates of hell, Deadwest runs into Buzzkill who’s in a cocooned state to suffer in eternal torment as an incubator for dung beetles eggs. Buzzkills pleads for release but is left behind by Deadwest and his gang.

When the Iron Horsemen of Doom learn Deadwest is in the underworld to foil their plans, they make Buzzkill an offer to destroy his arch nemesis in exchange for his freedom from damnation. Transformed into a giant dung beetle hybrid, Buzzkill ambushes Deadwest in the lower bowels of hell and nearly feeds him to tape worms, but is defeated at the last second with a laser blast to the face.


6 Comments (+add yours?)

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  2. Brandon Riggs
    Oct 22, 2016 @ 00:18:08

    that’s the last we’ll see the ass clown known as buzzkill.


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  4. simsgirlgem
    Dec 30, 2017 @ 21:29:59

    Forgive me for this but I want to fillet him like a fish and roast him on an open fire 🔥


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