Slime City 1-2


Deadwest reviews Slime City 1-2 while trying to help Deadbeat win a 1972 Dodge Demon in a game of horror trivia. Cast includes Deadwest, Billy, Mandy, Deadbeat, Moshufu Tsung, Rabbit Kadabra, Aleena, Rook, Mexican Dracula, TP Mummy, Catfish, Doc Rex, Road Rash, and Funnybone. Stay up to date on all our latest videos by subscribing to our Youtube channel!


the thingw2headslastmeltignmannext



.           “HAVE YOU SEEN IT?”                               “BIG BAD WOLF”                          “URBAN STRUGGLE”

.                       Reggie B                                                The Wolf Sisters                                       The Vandals

.    & The Jizz Wailin’ Ya’ Doggies

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