Howdy, Scream Freaks and Merry Christmas or whatever you celebrate! Whether it’s Hanukkah, Kwanza, or a Festivus you’re happy about this holiday season, we can all agree this is a time for giving (but we sure love the gett’n too!). That’s why we’re excited to give you fans an early gift for your peepers and present you with a sneak peek at Screaming Soup! Season 2! Yessiry, Bob. We promise to continue the laughs with one more rodeo full of 10 new reviews that’ll introduce new exciting characters from the Crosslands and story archs that shakes up the formula the show’s developed in the first season.

With it being Christmas and all, I just wanted to share a quick list of Christmas themed horror movies you might be interested in seeing if you’re trying to compile a list of naughty video pleasures. Santa’s Slay (WCW Goldberg plays a crazed Santa killing Jews), Jack Frost 1-2 (mutant snowman terrorizes a sheriff and his town), Black Christmas original and re-make (I’d recommend the re-make), Silent Night Bloody Night (bunch of crazies in a house with almost nothing to do with Christmas), Christmas Evil (great quirky film with one bizarre ending involving the killer Santa flying away in a van), Elves (Grizzly Adams VS a Nazi experiment full of Santa’s minions), Santa Clause Conquers the Martians (says it all doesn’t it?), Don’t Open Till Christmas (a European film of a sicko killing Santas on every street corner), Maniac Cop 2 (action/horror film set during Yuletide and features a Bruce Campbell death!), Gremlins (a critter spawns other critters and one boy is to blame), A Cadaver Christmas (a janitor battles the undead in this homage to grindhouse films), Night of the Krampus (the only Krampus movie I’ve seen for sale but haven’t watched yet), Saint (killer Santa film based more on the lore of ole’ St. Nick), Ghostbusters 2 (okay, so Christmas is more of a brief background in this lackluster sequel but so what?!), and of course Silent Night Deadly Night 1-5 plus the re-make, Silent Night, which could really just be SNDN 6 (1-3 plus the re-make are killer Santa flicks, 4 is about witches, and 5 showcases an evil Pinocchio). I traditionally like to save the original Silent Night Deadly Night for Christmas Eve night.

And this is your last chance to share a Merry Krampus with friends and loved ones who need something a little different from all the snowmen and Thomas Kinkade cards that’s been flooding their mailboxes. Just visit the page HERE and share this original Eeeh-Card! via Facebook or Twitter! It’ll sure to be the most memorable card they EVER receive!

As a reminder, be sure to use our social buttons in the upper right corner of the site. Follow our tweets, subscribe to our Youtube channel, watch all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming.

We hope you have a safe holly jolly time this year with spiked eggnog and scantily clad sugar plum fairies dirty dancing around your swollen heads. May your hearts pump full of cheer and your wallets recover. From our freaky gang to yours, Merry Christmas Scream Freaks!

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