Howdy, Scream Freaks, and welcome back! The holidays are upon us once again, and they feel like they’re flying by! Of course, that might be the case for us as we continue prepping the next season of Screaming Soup! with tight deadlines we’re keeping up with week after week. It’s a lot of work picking new movies to review, bringing in new characters, and ensuring we keep things as exciting as always.

Speaking of deadlines we’re making for ourselves, we’re proud to announce the unveiling of the newest Screaming Soup! Thanksgiving Eeeh! Card! for this coming Turkey Day. The steadily building craze that’s been changing Thanksgiving traditions for better or worse the last few years has been this new hybrid of culinary madness called a Turkducken. A chicken stuffed up a duck’s ass which is then stuffed up a turkey’s ass, creating a tossed salad massacre so foul, you never know where one bird begins and the other ends! The CW’s “Supernatural” managed to use this unusual meal as a villain’s tool for world domination, but I’m surprised no one’s brought this to its most horrific realization on celluloid yet. Until they do, we proudly present our own monstrous envisioning of the Turducken for all those needing a more exciting holiday greeting for their friends and family this year.

Other than sharing our new Thanksgiving Eeeh! Card located in our Extra section, be sure to follow our tweets, subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming. See ya later, Scream Freaks!

Thanksgivingcardfinal copy

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