It’s finally here, Scream Freaks! We present our first official Tribute vid, and it goes out to the one and only sci-fi/horror icon, Jeffrey Combs! That’s right, we highlight some of Comb’s more memorable appearances in no less than 18 films that celebrate Comb’s impressive range as an actor over the past 3 decades. Whether he’s a misunderstood medical student, a crazed F.B.I agent, an evil battling mystic, or Edgar Fucking Allan Poe, Combs always entertains us no matter the size of the role! We’re just keeping our fingers crossed he comes out with a new Re-Animator film which we think should be Herbert West meets “Breaking Bad.” Why? West was shooting up his re-agent like an addict in deleted scenes from the first “Re-Animator,” and then watched someone else abuse it like a drug in “Beyond Re-Animator.” It makes sense West might raise capitol by becoming a drug dealer and use the addicts as new test subjects for him to perfect his re-agent with. Just a thought that we think would be awesome, but what do we know . . .

In other news, keep an eye out for original Screaming Soup! Halloween E-cards which should be going up next week for you to send out to those you want to share some ghoulish greetings with this season. Don’t forget we have our first season finale just around the corner (10/20/14) with a whole trilogy we’ll be reviewing for your sick pleasure. And be sure to enter our  “Screaming Soup! Halloween Contest” before 10/20/14 for a chance to have your costume party crashed by Deadwest, the web’s #1 animated horror host.

Other than that, be sure to follow our tweets, subscribe to our Youtube channel and watch all our vids, and keep that fan mail coming. See ya later, Scream Freaks!




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