Howdy there, Screams Freaks! Right after our successful crossover with Full Moon Empire came to an epic close in Season Four, new opportunities to collaborate with Charlie Band popped up when we heard he was plannin’ to publish his first ever in-house comic, Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe, under his new Full Moon Comix label. Featurin’ the studio’s favorite 14″ space cop blastin’ every iconic Full Moon property to atoms, Charlie wrangled the same talents behind Action Lab’s excellent run of licensed Puppet Master and Gingerdead Man comics to head up the mini-series and give fans an unprecedented crossover they could only dream of. With our boot already in Full Moon’s door and havin’ already made acquaintances with the fine folks from Action Lab Comics at our local cons, we eagerly hit these fellas up for any alternate covers or pin-ups Screaming Soup! might provide and was thankfully given a chance to be a part of this milestone in Full Moon’s sequential history.

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While we did manage to get one of our alternate cover pitches published for issue three, our involvement in DKTFMU #1-6 was relegated to workin’ with Brockton McKinney (wordsmith for the Gingerdead Man comics and Full Moon movies like Evil Bong 6-7 and Weedjies: Halloweed Night) to come up with parody ads usin’ Full Moon’s abundance of characters. Brockton would pitch us the ad we’d be spoofin’ (mail order forms, Saturday mornin’ cartoon line-ups, Sears toy catalogs), then we’d send back roughs for ideas, and develop those back and forth ’til we had somethin’ solid to submit to the head honchos like Charlie for approval.

Fun Facts: The catalog numbers in the mail order form correspond with Full Moon’s movie catalog numbers the related character first appeared in. We’re big Linnea Quigley fans ’round here and tried pluggin’ her into as many ads as we could. With the exception of the colorin’ for our alternate cover that was published for DKTFMU #3, and the letterin’ seen in the Atari spoof, we penned, inked, colored, and lettered all our work.


Full Moon Empire’s most ambitious endeavor yet, Charlie launches the site DeadlyTen.com and announces plans for makin’ 10 new movies fans can watch made in real time via livestream. Nearly nothin’ is off limits as Full Moon takes you behind the scenes for better or worse with an all access pass to watch the filmin’ of new sequels to hits like Subspecies and Puppet Master as well as original flicks such as The Grim Rapper. In addition to the release of these flicks, the same talents who brought us Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe pitched the idea of publishin’ tie-in comics which perked Charlie’s interest. Thanks to keepin’ in touch with Brockton and the rest, we manage to be brought back into the loop and are ecstatic to learn not only does Charlie want more parody ads, but he’s graduatin’ ’em to covers!

Fun Facts: The Weedjies may look very different from how they appear in their flick, and that’s ’cause the puppets were bein’ created the same time we were puttin’ this cover together with only the concept art and a handful of effects shop photos to work from. While the comic for Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama marks Linnea Quigley’s first official appearance in a comic, we can still claim her unofficial appearances in the parody ads we did for Dollman Kills the Full Moon Universe. If you noticed Gabby looks radically different from her movie counterpart in Femalien: Cosmic Crush, that’s because a different actress was in the running for the role when we drew the cover. The Bride of the Head of the Family cover is a spoof on some of the worst Halloween costumes we’ve ever seen called Kooky Spooks. The Grim Rapper covers was partially inspired by the poster for Return to Horror High.



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