Howdy there, Scream Freaks! You ever make a horror film you wish could be reviewed by the web’s #1 animated horror host show? Well, prepare to catch your jawbone, ‘cause here’s your chance! From now ‘til our 49th episode, we’re holdin’ a contest for three up and comin’ fearmakers to win the opportunity to have their original flicks nuked on Screaming Soup! this Halloween!

You read right. Y’all can submit your own scary movies to us, and three lucky cinemaniacs will have their indie films handpicked and reviewed by your favorite cowboy skeleton while on one of his wild weird west adventures. Jumpin’ jack-o-lanterns, right?

And we ain’t picky! B to Z grade creature features, slashers, erotic e.t. mutants . . . whatever you got that fits the bill for horrific entertainment, shoot it our way, but make sure it meets these requirements before you do.

  1. Your horror flick’s gotta be all original from its concept to its music. Save your Friday the 13th fan films for your Jason cosplay club.
  2. We need enough to heckle- we mean- talk about, so your film’s gotta be at least 50 minutes long. And don’t even think about pullin’ a fast one on us with buckets of pissin’ time, ‘cause that cop-out won’t fly!
  3. To avoid our team from bein’ bombarded with every homemade movie you and your buddies made since you could hold a video camera, please only submit a film made from 2017-2018.
  4. Only one film entry per director.
  5. While it’s not a disqualification to have animal violence in your film (Ex. killer bunnies or dead pets servin’ as plot devices), your chances of winnin’ are much higher if you steer clear of this trope. Werewolves and other such supernatural predators excluded.
  6. You gotta have thick skin for any criticisms we have of your film. We don’t need short fuse cry-babies who can’t take constructive jokin’!
  7. And most importantly, your flick has got to be available to the public somehow! No point in us yappin’ about a flick no one can ever watch, so either have DVDs ready for sale on a site, digital downloads available for purchase through a streamin’ service, or at least have it published on YouTube for all to enjoy.


To officially enter your scream worthy film, email it to us at with the subject FILM CONTEST and please include the followin’ information:

  1. Your full name.
  2. The town and state you live in.
  3. The name of your original film you are submitting.
  4. One to two sentence synopsis of your original film, and please tell us how it will be/is available to the public (Ex. Free on YouTube, DVDs/Blu-rays for sale at your film’s official website, downloadable purchase through streaming services such as iTunes, Amazon, or Vimeo, etc.)
  5. YouTube link to your original film.*
  6. A poster image for your original film.

*All film entries must be uploaded to YouTube as either a public or unlisted video to participate in the Scream Freak Film Contest. Screaming Soup! will only use the YouTube links for the sole purpose of reviewing and judging submitted videos for the contest. We will not share these YouTube links with anyone outside the Screaming Soup! team of judges unless it is voted a winning film and then verified as a media outlet the filmmaker(s) wish to reach viewers with.



We will be judgin’ films as they’re submitted, up until our deadline of 8/20/18. After this date, final decisions will be made, and three winnin’ films will be selected as features to be reviewed in Screaming Soup!’s Season Five finale scheduled for October 2018.


Three winnin’ filmmakers will be contacted via email after 8/20/18, and their films will be reviewed in Screaming Soup!’s 50th episode in no particular order. In addition, Screaming Soup! will give each of the three winnin’ films at least one social media plug to raise awareness for them.

All other participatin’ filmmakers who submitted movies to Screaming Soup! Film Contest before 8/20/18, and were not selected as winners, will be provided with short written reviews of their films on a special web page at This page will be published the same day as the premier of the 50th episode and reviews will be alphabetically listed by film titles.


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