Voodoo Bitch

First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at the Slumber Party Massacre Series

Drink of choice: Chicken blood

Favorite treat: Hot Tamales

When the most feared voodoo priest in the Crosslands, Papa Kaka, wanted a companion that wasn’t another one of his dim-witted zombies, he crafted Voodoo Bitch, the most significant voodoo doll ever stitched together. While fathering her in the beginning, Papa Kaka recognized Voodoo Bitch’s natural attraction to magic and nurtured her curiosity as his apprentice in the art of voodoo. Her thirst for forbidden knowledge grew over the years she served under Papa Kaka and she’s secretly harbored desires to usurp him as the most powerful voodoo priestess. If her sinister determination and mastery of manipulation wasn’t dangerous enough, Voodoo Bitch’s magically endowed body prevents her from feeling pain and any strike against her harms the attacker in a similar fashion. When holding someone’s personal item, she can inflict pain on them over a long distance by attacking herself with sharp objects and will even go as far as hacking her limbs off since she can sew herself back together afterward. She works as a waitress in Papa Kaka’s Cajun restaurant, the Voodoo Coop.

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