First Appearance: “Deadwest Screams at Tusk

Drink of choice: Absinthe

Favorite treat: Chocolate covered crickets

None have it rougher in the Crosslands than Vince, a rattled occupant of the Fever Swamp’s most haunted estate, the House of Escher. A resourceful scavenger, Vince heard rumors the hidden fixer upper housed numerous portals within its deteriorating walls, each leading to a different corner of the Crosslands. Thinking he could use these portals to his advantage if true,Vince set out to explore the phenomenon and document its secrets. Upon entering its doors, however, Vince was overwhelmed by the supernatural forces inside and dragged deep into the House of Escher’s corridors. Surviving the near fatal encounter, Vince woke up in a rubber room and found a mysterious mask stuck to his face that alters his perception of reality. Questioning everything he interacts with, he’s constantly on edge as he struggles to know the difference between an illusion the mask creates versus a real threat the house attacks him with.

During this period, Vince figured out the house is a sentient being and is slowly driving him mad, so it can feast upon his fear filled mind through spectral minions serving as conduits to it ravenous hunger. Vince eventually escaped his padded cell but found himself lost in a never ending maze of misleading architecture with booby traps. Using what few resources he had, Vince marked where he’s been with his own bloody hand prints, tried keeping track of time with days carved into his forearms, and kept his energy up by feeding on bugs he finds burrowing in the walls. Of all the threats in the house, the two most persistent ghosts in the house he fights with are Rawhead and Bloody Bones.

After an unknown amount of time, Vince finally gets the break he desperately needs when Deadwest enters the House of Escher to hide from the iron horsemen chasing him and Billy. Vince confuses Deadwest and Billy for hungry ghosts at first but soon realizes they’re trapped in the house like he is and convince them to team up. With Vince’s familiarity of the house’s layout and Deadwest’s weapons, they blast their way to a secret elevator that hides a portal. At the last second, they’re caught by Rawhead and Bloody Bones, and Deadwest escapes through the portal with Billy, leaving Vince to fend for himself.

Vince’s current whereabouts are unknown, but it’s assumed he’s either ecto slop, still fighting his way out of the House of Escher, or escaped through the portal in the elevator and plotting revenge against Deadwest for abandoning him.

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